Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I never thought I would say this....

But, I absolutely loved my first day back at TRACK!!!! It was such an amazing feeling to open my legs up for speed and to let it out. I was dreading this morning for the past few months. If you remember I also have been saying I  wasn't going to do track because of how much I hate it. Well, I need to get into my training hard core, so  I went out this morning. I was so intimidated. I used to be in 3B before my injury, so when Dror asked me what group I wanted to be in I said 6 because I didn't want to face the embarrassment of being left behind in any group  higher!

The workout was 3 x 400 Mile 3 x 400 800. I think i was supposed to do 1:43 7:00 1:43 and i can't not remember what the 800 was.

I didn't wear a watch because I ddin't want to be consumed. My plan was to tuck myself behind the group and just go with it... well that worked for the first 400!!! We came in right  on pace. The next ones were not so much. I wanted to just GO. So my times were more like 1:40-1:35 on the 400's. I don't remember exactly...but the mile was 6:44!! I know it sounds slow,, but for me it was great!! I wasn't even expeecting a 7:00. I haven't ran this fast since February!!!

The next 400's felt so good. Then for the 800 I did 3:05!!!

I am pumpled after this workout. It gave me a little more confidence and hope. I still have a waays to go, but I know I can do it. It just going to take dedication and determination - and yes I have it!!!