Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sunday YOGA!

Now I realize that I have had a baby, I am older and my body needs a lot more rest, recovery and TLC....

Hence the reason I really want to get into YOGA! I went to Hot Vinyasa this morning and it seriously made my body feel so much better. Stretching and sweating feels so good - and it is surprisingly relaxing.... however, when my body is trembling in certain poses because I am really bad at it, or I lose my balance and almost fall on the person next to me - that can get pretty embarrassing - but I am learning to let go of what others think... not like I know anyone in there, and there will always be somebody that is suffering more than me.... so I just act like I know what I am doing and move on.

Another thing that drives me a little bonkers about Yoga is the classes are 1.5 hours long (now don't get me wrong, I love the 1.5 hours) - and the times they are offered are really unrealistic for a full time working individual! I would be in the studio way more if the classes were offered early in the mornings.

After the class my slight knee pain was gone, I felt 100% stretched out and I was a happy yogi wannabe!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Love my Mornings

Really slacking here... so going to try and do a catch up.

Thursday- OFF! first day off in over a week. Justin was going to be taking Friday off and then the weekend would be here, so I figured I should take a day off during the week so I could run on Friday and Saturday when he was at home.

Friday- Jr woke up around 5:45 so I decided to just feed him and hit the road. I was out on the road by 6:30am - I told Justin my plan was to do at LEAST 6 - but I really wanted to go further. The temp was in the mid 20's I felt good with what I was wearing, but I did feel a little worn down. Probably from the lack of sleep. I hit my 3 mile mark, and told myself to just make it to 3.5 and I could turn around. I knew I needed a break to catch my breath and stretch my legs, but I wanted to make it past the 1/2 way point... I made it to mile 4.5 and took a breather. It felt so good. I was doing good on pace, but my body was just winded and tired. The route home is a climb up the entire way. I think I stopped one more time. All in all it was a good run, 8:18 pace for 7 miles.

My "schedule" I made had me going 10 miles. Well, with going 7 on Friday I didn't have high hopes for making it the entire 10 --- but of course I was going to try :)

Saturday- Jr woke up about the same time, so I was hitting the road at the same time. It was much colder this morning. I had to wear an extra fleece and my heavier gloves! My body was really cold and my legs didn't want to move since they felt frozen, but I felt good otherwise. Snow still on the ground, dodging patches of ice on the sidewalk, lake frozen over .... all so new to me! The route I take on the way out is pretty much down hill, then I reach a lake that has a relatively flat path that is 2 miles around... I do the entire lake path, then turn around... so it is a good 4 miles of "flat" (I say flat, but there are rolling inclines along the way, nothing in MD is flat unless you are on a track). I made it to 6 miles and took a much needed break.

I am still feeling the C-secion incision when running, but when I stop and stretch around for a little bit, it goes away. I am also feeling tight in the groin region - but again, when I take the break to stretch it is fine. After I got my body back in shape I was off again! The way back is a constant climb up hill... and it hurts, especially when you are going into the wind on a very cold morning. By mile 8 I couldn't feel my face, I was actually debating calling Justin. My lips weren't moving, my fingers were numb, nose running - everything was really uncomfortable. My body just stopped when I hit 8 miles. I had to shake it off, rub my face, pull my shirt over my hands and mentally get ready for the last 2 miles.... and that I did! 10 miles DONE.

I was so happy I did it, my first week of Boston training was a success and now I have hope that I will actually get it done.

Got home, thawed out a little bit, fed Jr, and made breakfast.

The completion of a long Saturday run puts me in such a great mood. Being up that early, seeing the sun come up - it is my time. My favorite time of day. My family is still sleeping, it is just me and the morning.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Finally got a run in!

Not doing too good on these posts...

This morning I was able to make it to the gym, did a solid 5 miles and felt great to do it! I have been getting on the bike for an hour every day I can't go running. Last day I ran was Sunday and I did 6. I was pretty tired, my legs felt dead. I am assuming it is because I haven't take a day off from working out in well over a week. I think tomorrow is going to be a rest day finally.

Not sure how this is all going to continue once I go back to work. Having to wake up early and wake up for feedings is definitely going to take a toll on me...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dentist and Gym!

I had full intentions of waking up really early to go to the gym before my dentist appointment. Justin was taking the morning off so I could go to my appointment and it was also his off day from the gym. Well, with Jr waking up 2 times through the night, that early morning wake up call was a really bad idea. I just wanted to sleep, and that I did.

My appointment went fast and as I was driving home I checked out the sidewalks. They were still covered in snow and ice. There was no way I was going to go running outside. Luckily Justin was ok with me heading to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill before he headed into the office. So I fed Jr and raced to the gym.

I got 4 miles in on the treadmill. The miles didn't feel wonderful, but they also didn't feel horrible. I started out at 7.3 and ended at 7.8. I just feel winded and fatigued. Now, I am sure the lack of sleep and sickness of a lot to do with the fatigue, but the C-section and baby also contribute to it!

After the miles, I did some side bends with the kettlball to get my abs working and then headed home.

The rest of the day was spent feeding and playing with Jr!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trainer Workout!

I think the cold is starting to go away! Woke up this morning feeling a little bit better, so I didn't take any medications. Still have a lingering cough, still sound hoarse, but it doesn't seem AS bad as the past few days.

We woke up around 8am this morning, did our morning routine. Get coffee, feed and hang out. When it was nap time I hopped on the bike and did an hour workout.

I found the workout on . I liked having something to follow, it really made the time go by faster. I hate not knowing if I am working as hard as I should since I can't see my cadence or speed on an indoor trainer. After some research I found this little gem and I went ahead and ordered it... Can't wait for it to get here!  I am sure it is going to take my obsession to a whole new level :)

Jr does pretty good while I am on the bike - he is at arms length. He usually spends the 1st 30 minutes watching me then slowing zones out and ends up taking a nap.

The rest of the day we lounged, played, he napped and I tried to get stuff done. It's funny though, at the end of the day I question exactly what I did...

Monday, January 5, 2015

6 Week Checkup & a Cold

Just when I didn’t think it could get much worse, it did. This cold has taken over. Jr was wide awake around 6:15am - Justin had just gotten back from the gym, so I walked out into the kitchen where he proceeded to tell me how awful I looked. Thanks.

I took him back into the room, fed him and went back to bed. When we woke back up I took a swig of DayQuil and got some oatmeal. I had my postpartum checkup at 11:45 but I wanted to do some sort of sweating to try and rid my body of this nastiness. I jumped on my bike for 30 minutes of intervals. It felt good to do it, Jr slept in the stroller next to me. It is the perfect set up. He is at arms reach if he starts screaming or getting fussy.

I didn’t time the workout that well, because when I got off, I had 20 minutes to be out the door…. and of course, Jr decided to have a melt down. So there I was, soaking wet of sweat, holding him while he screamed, needing to take a shower and needing to get him ready with only 20 minutes… Super Woman had to break out her cape and get to work.

Rock n Play goes into bathroom, Baby lays down, Mommy jumps in to rinse sweat off, baby back in arms, mommy in rocking char, baby gets fed, mommy gets dressed, baby gets dressed and diaper changed, mommy grabs water and a snack, baby goes into car seat, mommy flies out the door with baby into car… and off they go. Yes it happened, I was only 5 minutes late - but hey, we got there and we were dressed (now I am not going to mention the part where my hair was soaking from sweat and i didn’t have any makeup on, and I was coughing and sniffling like crazy…. but I am only 7 weeks postpartum, so its excusable still :))

checkup went great. He said I was healing perfectly and my uterus was back to its normal size and where it is supposed to be. I have no restrictions.

When we got back home I changed back into my pjs and hoped back into bed. We fell asleep and were awoken to Justin being home! he came home early to take care of us.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hot Yoga!

Justin and Jr have been sick for the past week and I figured it was inevitable that I would eventually get it. Well, I woke up today and it hit me. I have the gosh awful cold. It is in my lungs, my throat my head, my nose and my body. I don’t usually get sick, so I was determined to resume with my regular activities.

Since I am breast feeding, it is a little more challenging to just throw back any medication. After reading many websites I felt comfortable taking a small swig of DayQuil (Not a lot, just a little). They say you should take medication for specific illnesses - not to take multi symptom drugs. DayQuil is a multi symptom, but it doesn’t have antihistamine in it - which is known to dry up your milk. A small dose wasn’t going to effect anything, and I needed something to keep me alive - that’s how bad I was feeling.

I have been wanting to do Hot Yoga for a few weeks now. After having Jr my body felt tight and out of place in many parts. Then when I started running again it was getting worse. On top of all of that, I went 0 to 100 on my return to running and my achilles tendon was really hurting … so, I knew I needed to do it and not put it off another day. That Cold was not standing in my way today either!

I signed up for unlimited Yoga at Charm City Yoga for 30 days for only $25. So today, I was going to attend the Beginners Hot Vinyasa. The plan was feed Jr, leave him with Justin for a nap and then when I got home I would have time to shower and feed him. The timing was perfect. I haven’t left him for any long period of time yet, so this was going to be the longest period — a little over 2 hours… I felt nervous and like a bad mom for doing it - but, I guess I need to get used to it fast since my return to work is right around the corner!!

The Yoga was amazing. It was just what I needed. Stretching my body out and sweating every ounce of toxin was long over due. As for the cold… I took the dayquil right before I left the house, and it was working at first… until downward dog. All of a sudden everything rushed to my head and I was having a cough attack in the middle of 50 other people… I am sure they hated me and wanted me to leave, but I stayed, continued to cough and sniffle my way through 1.5 hours of bliss.

I raced home afterwards and just as I flung open the door, I saw Justin warming a bottle and Jr crying. That is not what I wanted. I am not ready for him to be a bottle baby. I only have 2.5 more weeks to feed him and I want every moment of that. Luckily I was able to stop it and take over.

Things have changed...

Here it goes for the millionth time... I am going to start this blog thing, and I am going to be consistent.

Now, I am not going to start out with a "I am back" post - instead I am just going to start, and fill in on where my life is along the way.... so pay attention and you will get the details...

BUT - first and foremost, there has been a HUGE change/addition to my life...

Meet the man of my dreams, Jr :

He came into this world via C-Section about 7 weeks ago. He was the best surprise I could ever ask for. Life has been fun since he showed up.

Now, I am working on getting my fitness back, one day at a time.... hence the blog start up, to track it all...