Saturday, July 21, 2012

Worst Running Week EVER!

This week has been a HORRIBLE week for running. I came down with something, at first I thought it was a cold, then I started thinking it was allergies and then I started wondering if it was a reaction to a medicine I had to start taking. I have been so tired, congested, sore throat and feeling like my head is floating. I mean it has been bad.

I started Monday off with a 1441 workout in the morning and started getting really tired through the day. I figured it was from the weekend. One of my BFF's came to town and then some other friends came over so we had a fun filled weekend... so being worn out from this made since. Usually when I am tired I can pull off an easy 4-5 miles... well not on this day! I went out and at about mile 1 my legs felt like they had no feeling and no energy, my breathing was heavy and I literally felt like the most out of shape person ever... I did 4 miles of run walk. Pathetic!

Tuesday, same thing. I woke up and went out for 5 miles... I made it 2.5 and had to do the same thing. Sore throat was in full force, congestion was bad and fatigue was passed the point of fatigue.

Wednesday comes and I slept through my alarm clock. I figured sleep was needed more than a track workout. By mid day I was hating life because I was so off schedule and felt like I was being a wimp. I left work a little early to make it to the evening track workout - BIG MISTAKE.


THIS IS THE HARDEST WORKOUT EVER! AND I was feeling awful... but I couldn't leave!

Well, the first 3 laps of the 2000 were fine, but then I hit a wall and my times just were unbearable. I told Dror I couldn't do it after that,  and he said "Get water and just finish this workout for me" well, fine, but its going to be embarrasing - and that it was... I won't even mention times. But I did it... and that is better than not doing it at all right?!?

And so Thursday comes around and I find myself meeting my crew at 5:30am... hahaha... Mile 1.5 comes and I say peace out to them I am heading back in... and then it was a run walk all the way back to my car...
Now, I am feeling like crap because I literally have not done anything good for my running this week. Mid day I text my Friend and ask if she wants to go run after work, a really easy 5 miles (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Its like I won't give up and rest) She agrees. Since she has a slower pace I thought I could suffer through it... and that I did... I suffered BIG time - but 5 miles was done, one stop.... and yes it was a 10:00+ minute pass (i don't know what hurt more, the slow pace or the fatigue) but I will tell you my legs were shaking at the end I was uber happy when it was over... 1. because I made it 5 miles 2. that was a hard run, when you are used to running 8:20's and you go to a 10:00+ pace its challenging... try it, I promise you will agree!

Friday comes and I go to 1441 - AND WE HAVE TO RUN! OMG so embarrasing... everyone thinks I should be a fast runner and so I feel like I have to be.. so I died, but I did it.

Saturday comes (my favorite day because its a long run) well... I wanted to do 10-12. I made it 5 miles feeling good then it hit, that fatigue were I had nothing... but I made it 9 miles and suffered 5...

All I have to say is THANK GOD this week of running is over. I head to Dallas tomorrow and its all treadmill running (BLAH) and no strength training.... maybe my body will recover some without all of the crazyness!!!