Sunday, August 11, 2013

Feelin' Good & I'm Lovin' it

This week running has been a lot better than usual, and it is making me a HAPPY runner again!!!!

Tuesday: Easy 5
Wednesday: Plan was 5-6 went 7
Thursday: Plan was 5-6 went 10.5!!!
Friday: 2.5 Miles on Treadmill then 1 hour Spin Class
Saturday: 12 Miles!!!

Since moving to the beach running has been a struggle. I don't know if it is the humidity, the change of paths, the extra 5 pounds or the fact that I have just been really run down mentally and emotionally. Regardless of what is causing it, I have been letting it get to me way to much - but I refuse to throw in the towel.

This week I was feeling so good while running, stops were not needed, mental games didn't exist, it was coming so easy & I was feeling GREAT!

Thursday's run of 10.5 miles really came out of nowhere. I thought since I did the 5 miles then 7 miles the previous 2 days that I was just going to need some easy miles... WRONG :)

I hit my 2.5 mile mark and told myself, ok go to 3 and turn... then next thing you know I said 3.5... etc. etc... I made it past the Don Cesar and kept trekking down to Pass a Grille. I really think I would have gone 12 miles, but I forced myself to turn back.

I had that feeling of bliss while running that morning. I felt so happy inside, and my energy was soaring. I have come to realize that I need that feeling in my life. It puts me in a better mood, kick starts my day and fires my motivation through life.

When I woke up on Saturday morning I had texts on my phone from my Brother... Stephanie was in labor!! I was within hours of becoming an AUNT!! I thought I was going to meet my friends for their long run, but with this news I didn't make it out of the house in time. So I set out alone, not know what I was doing as far as distance or pace.. well.. I ended up with 12 miles at 8:20 pace.... faster than my 10.5 on Thursday and feeling amazing again!!! Only needed 2 stops and only had about 6 Honey Zinger balls.

Today is gym day for some cross training!!!

Life is so much better when you are running happy