Sunday, May 5, 2013


May is here! Usually this is my favorite Month of the year. Not because it is the Month of my Birthday, but because the weather, the flowers and the feeling that Summer is almost here!! Unfortunately it hasn't started out on the right foot. I am determined to change this though!! Attitude is everything and if you don't like something, change it... thats the motto right now :)

So... after Tuesday night's Track Attack...

Wednesday - 1441

I got up and did my 2 mile run. I was feeling pretty tired from Track the night before

7:53 - 7:33

Then the workout was a lot of pilate like moves. Flutter kicks, V-Ups, planks etc., It didn't feel like a true strength training day, but it was pretty intense at times!

Thursday - Easy run 8 Miles

I started out at  Ballast Point and went 4 out and 4 back. Felt good, but still not back to my normal running self.

Friday - Easy run 9 Miles

The plan was to do 10 miles. For whatever reason I wasn't feeling great. I felt worn down and didn't even want to run. I stopped at 2.5 stretched the legs and kept going. I made it to the hospital, went to the bathroom and started back. I stopped at mile 8 and walked some and made it back. Only 9 miles.

Saturday - 4 Miles

I was planning on taking Saturday off, but woke up and needed some fresh air. I didn't start until after 10 am . It was hot. The pace was actually faster than expected. 7:46 avg.

After the track practice my training went down hill fast. I sometimes wonder if stresses in life hinders my running. Some people say that stress brings out the beast in them. I on the other hand just get defeated. 

The goal this week is to move on, smile and not stress about things that are out my control!!