Sunday, September 12, 2010

Longest Distance Yet

I ran my furthest distance this Saturday! 22 miles... 20 of which were amazingly great! 

Miles 1-5 were with the group... 8:26 pace. I was with Lisa, Todd and Nate. We talked about racing weight, people losing weight, and injuries. Good conversations for a warm up along Bayshore! I was not feeling good at this time and was not confident in my run for the day. I had a horrible nights sleep the night before. I was asleep before 9:15 but then woke up a few hours later WIDE awake and could not get tired. I tried reading for a while and with no luck, I took a melatonin tablet... BAD idea! AAAAHH these things make me feel horrible the next day. Like a walking zombie. My legs were HEAVY, my body was WEAK, and I just wasn't there when people were talking to me! 

1 838
2 830
3 829
4 820
5 812

Shark loop started, so did my music. Another friend had a similar schedule as me, so we ran together for these miles. Bobby had 20 at 8:00 pace. We talked a little, he like me kept quiet which was nice so I could listen to music, but mentally know someone was with me. Perfect :)

6 207  .25 miles 
7 816
8 810
9 810
10 807
11 803
12 5:58 .75 mile
13 758
14 757
15 758
16 807
17 755

Around 16-17 I left Bobby and headed out on Bayshore alone... there were American Flags lining the sidewalk for 9/11. I had severe goosebumps during most of these miles while I thought of our country and those we have lost, including a good friend from Highschool who was killed one year ago today in Afghanistan. (yes, on 9/11) These miles were not bad. I felt fine and was just knocking them out...

18 759
19 754
20 801
21 755

Then something happened, a HUGE mental battle, the biggest one I have EVER had... I seriously had nothing in me to finish these miles. I honestly believe it had to do with how tired I was from the evening before.I also think it was because mile 20 hit at my starting point. One of the biggest things I always try to avoid is repeating courses and passing a finish line to add on miles... and well that is exactly what happened! I had to pass by my car at mile 20 and still have 2 miles left!!   If it was last week, these 2 miles would have been amazing... but I did it! The "23" is actually 22 ... but with the laps above getting messed up it added an extra lap.

22 808
23 801

After finishing the only pain I felt was in my right calfish area. I chatted with Jaime a little, but finally told her I had to get out of there. I needed something in me and needed to take my shoes and clothes off! I was just not in high spirits, worn out and a little aggrevated. I got home and at 2 eggs took a shower and napped. When I woke up I felt better.

I met up with some friends to watch our Gators beat USF :) ended up being a fun good day.