Monday, July 25, 2011



I didn't run today.

I totally skipped it.

I woke up feeling like a semi hit me and so I went to work early rather than run. I decided that I would just run after work.

Well 7:00 came and I was still at work, still feeling like that Semi was on top of me... but I tried to run anyways.

I made it .20 miles and walked home. Everytime I hit the pavement my head THROBBED.

This is NOT how training is supposed to go. I feel like NYC is a lost cause right now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I never thought I would say this but I am in a RUT.

It isn't a mental rut, because I want to run. I want to run all the time.

It is a physical rut! Every time I go out  I am fatigued and exhausted. Winded and just purely exhausted.

I have swam 4 times in the past week, because I have felt great doing it. It feels so peaceful being in the water.

I have gotten every run in that I have been scheduled... they just haven't felt good.

Any advice out there??

Friday, July 1, 2011

NYC: Week 1 of 20

Week 1 of Marathon training in the books!! (actually... I may be sneaking in just one more this week)

Sunday- funny story!!!

I met someone who also enjoys running... so when I told him I wanted to run on Sunday he said he would run with me and I agreed. Well, I got home from my parents a little early and was feeling sluggish and heavy from the weekend. I wasn't meeting up with him until later so I was getting a little antsy to run and from the past couple of runs with him I knew it wasn't going to be too far (maybe 3-5 miles) and not too fast (9:00ish pace) well... the way I was feeling was 5 miles at 8:00ish pace.... so I decided I would run that and then meet him and go easy and be relaxed rather than push the pace ... well - sometimes things don't go exactly as planned!

I ran my 5 at 8:00 pace... then I met up and ran with him not even 2 hours later... my first question was so how far do you want to go... and he said 8 MILES!!! whaaaat?!? but I said ok... because I didn't want him to know I had already put in 5 miles!!

Well - the pace... he was pumping out 8:00!!

So in a nutshell... I ended up running 6 with him at an 8:08 pace...

Total for Sunday  11 miles 8:04 pace
(PS I ran 10 miles the day before at 8:00 pace!)

Monday - OFF

Tuesday - 8 miles

Wednesday - TRACK!!! 1 miles warm up 3x 400 1600 3x400 800 = 4 miles

Thursday - OFF

Friday 12 Miles 8:23 pace

Saturday 8 more miles! I just felt like doing more. I went to bed at 8:45 the night before so when 5 am came around I was fully energized and decided to hit the pavement. The garmin died half way through, but I was mainting 8:15-8:20 before it died... Once I got home I iced my legs then hit the road for Miami...

Total- 35 miles so far.... 43 miles total

I am feeling great and feeling like I may run something easy early tomorrow morning before I hit the road for Miami!!!