Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catch Up!

AM - 10 Miles 1:20:19 8:01/mi
PM -  6.11 Miles 47:21 7:45/mi

5.11 Miles  41:20 8:05/mi
Body Flow

My running has been out of wack this week!! I blame it on my schedule. After Thanksgiving I had to work on Friday and Saturday which means I had to be at work in the mall madness by 9 am. Since it is a Holiday weekend I felt I should be able to sleep in, but running before work and sleeping in do not go together! On top of that I have been feeling TIGHT and like I need a really good stretching! Now, I think this is a mixture of racing, not taking great care of myself in regards to sleep and health, and not taking days off. Lately I have been going out more than usual and I can feel a direct effect on the body. So, I am cutting back... way back!!

After yesterdays 5 Miler and feeling my body's screams for stretching I jumped in my car and went to Body Flow at the gym. The class incorporates Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. It felt GREAT to do the stretches and moves. Lengthening the legs and torso made my body happy. It is really funny to watch me do this class, my balance is horrible and I am sure it is something that I just have to figure out. When we have to stand on one leg and then extend the arms and other leg out I ALWAYS lose my balance. I end up laughing, and I am sure it disrupts peoples concentration but I can't help it!! When you are the only one in the class falling over what else are you going to do, but laugh? Anyways, today my shoulders are pretty sore - so I guess that means I got a good workout in!! 

I am going to try and start writing about my diet and how I feel with running. I bought the book "Racing Weight" and just getting a couple pages into it I can tell that my diet is not helping my running as of lately. The book promotes you weighing yourself a lot and tracking how you feel... so maybe I can use this as my outlet. Unfortunately, some of you know how bad I am at being consistent with this blog!! So, Jaime & Stephanie your job is to make me stay on this thing!!!!!!

For some reason, yesterday I was craving Mexican food, but I didn't want the tortillas, chips and cheese mess... so I went to Publix to create my own ...

Black Beans, Corn, black olives, and Peppers (red, yellow and green). I mixed this confetti together and topped it on a bed of spinach and added some pepper jack cheese. Then I topped it with the FAGE 0 Greek Yogurt and Salsa. It was amazing and I am currently obsessed with it!!! It was my lunch and dinner. Between the beans, cheese and Greek Yogurt there was no need for animal protein and I felt great all cay... not stuffed or gross. 

Well, I hope everyone has had a great Holiday Weekend! Now it is time to prep for the week!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

6.2 Miles 49:54 8:07/mi

Well, I did not Turkey Trot this morning and I am a-ok with my decision! Last night we went over to a friends family pre Thanksgiving dinner. Great food and lots of wine. Since I was riding over with everyone I knew that it was going to be a late night and I would not be rested for the race. I did not want to be disappointed in my time and go through the whole let down thing again, so I just said no!! We had a fun evening and it was all worth it.

I attempted to wake up this morning and run but that didn't go as well as planned. My first mile was over 9:00 and my head was throbbing - waay to much wine. After the first mile I stopped and walked it back home. The weather was great so I enjoyed the walk.

My family went out of town this year (again) for Thanksgiving so I stayed in Tampa. I was invited over to a friends house for their yummy dinner and had a nice relaxing afternoon. Turkey and Stuffing my two favorites of the day. I always forget about stuffing until this day and I always wonder why I don' t eat it more. They even had mushrooms in it - I was in heaven. For dessert we had a Thanksgiving Cobbler which had peaches, cranberries cinnamon, cake and more topped with vanilla ice cream - my mouth is watering just thinking about it right now!!! They had Eat, Pray, Love playing and I tried to watch it. I loved the book and have been anxious to watch the movie... however - I do not think that Julia Roberts is the right actress for the movie! I am a huge fan of hers - Pretty Woman is my favorite movie - but she looks TERRIBLE! Seriously I couldn't get past her. She resembles a skeleton, you can see her veins on her forehead, and her mouth is just scary. I don't know what happened but it was ruining the movie for me. I walked away and decided I would have to watch it at a later time on my own. 

Once I came back home I was going to head over to my next Turkey Dinner but decided to attempt my run again - cha ching! Success :) 6.2 fabulous miles and now I am feeling great. I am kind of sad that I don't have any turkey and stuffing because I am hungry and there are no leftovers.... I am going to have a long talk with my parents about leaving for Holidays - it is unacceptable and sad.

Well I hope everyone had a great day... and please head to Dillard's tomorrow for some shopping. I will be slaving away working all day so enjoy your day off!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

OMG Pilates

Ran 9 Miles
Pilates Class

Lets just say that I am not good at Pilates... yet. Recently I have been trying a bunch of classes out at the gym. I figured I pay for it every month, might as well use it! Tonights class was Pilates. It was tough. The instructor wanted to use rings. Rings are resistance circles that you use between your legs, feet and arms and press together in sets. I don't know if it was because of my 9 mile shake out run I did this morning, or if I am just overly fatigued from the weekend and race.... but I found this class to be so hard. Anytime I had to use muscles my whole body would just start shaking.... and I mean uncontrollably... like spassing out. I had to put the rings down and do everything without them! It was quite embarrassing and it is going to take a lot of self persuasion to get me back in there. I may just stick with the spinning, body flow and yoga classes!!! The core work and stretching felt great tonight. I have this feeling I am going to wake up with a sore core tomorrow!!!

This morning I ended up doing a 9 mile run. It was an easy 8:34 pace. I was able to run a few miles with my running buddies I found out on Bayshore so it was nice to chat with them for a while. Tomorrow I am supposed to do track, but I don't think I am going to get to it in time. My other new group H-PAC is meeting at 7 for some miles, so I may try them out if I can't leave work in time. I will explain HPAC in a later post..

The Turkey Trot is Thursday and I think my goal is going to be 41:00 or under. Hopefully if I rest myself enough between now and then it should be achievable. I will just have to stay away from the night clubs and make sure I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night!!!!

I promise a race recap tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A reason to Race

I have been asking myself this entire week "Why do I race" and I even blogged about it. Today I have done a lot of thinking about it and I still do not have an answer. Now, when I ask myself this question, it is not implying that I do not want to race, it is simply trying to find the reason I do it... what motivates me? I am having problems as of lately trying to find this within me. The past year has been an amazing running year for me because I found out I could run, and race with descent times. Now I have hit a spot in my "running career" where I have found a plateau and if I want to get past it I am going to have to work for it. The motivation/reason question regarding running is because I need to find why I want to do it so that I can have reason!!

I did not take this race as serious as I should have, in fact I truly disrespected  it. I did not have a goal. I went out like a crazy person until 4:30 am on Friday night, and then woke up at 6:30 am on Saturday and then only had about 7 hours of sleep on Saturday night. I did not have any desire to run this race. Most of the girls I run with did. And they wanted to run well, and there I was not caring at all. A lot of people really believe in me, and want to see me do well and here I am not taking things serious. This is the part that really bothered me today. Maybe I had a realization as to how selfish that is. It is selfish of me to not care while everyone else around me does. It is selfish to not get excited, and it is selfish not to be happy with my times when I am the one that goes into the races without a care. OBVIOUSLY I DO CARE! So, with that said from here on out I promise to myself and all of my amazing supporters out there that I will treat my races with respect, I will take my training seriously, and I will be happy with every result. I still do not know why I race, but I do know that the people that are in my life because of running mean so much to me and I value their friendships more than they would ever or could ever realize. Their support and confidence in me is extremely amazing and appreciated, I could not ever come close to explaining how it feels to have that love. It isn't about a time, its not about having a great race every time, it isn't about always feeling good. It is about great friends and sometimes having a great race to be excited about.... in that order.

Stephanie, Jaime, Nicole and Jen.... you guys are the best. I had an amazing day and am so proud of each and everyone of you fabulous ladies. Thank you for always believing in me.

Oh, and if a studdly man by the name of Todd is reading this... you mean just as much to me :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Whinesday

Today was just one of those days where you want to stay in bed all day and not get up for anything!

I should not complain so much because it really was not that bad. After the first 4 hours things got better.Once I downed my coffee at home with my Pumpkin Spice Creamer and then my Venti Misto on the way to work, my life turned around quickly...

 Track did start my day out, and anyone that knows me knows that track is my least favorite part of running. 

Sometimes I think about why I dislike track so much...- fast running that is not comfortable.

Then I think about how much I don't like tempo runs... and it is actually the same thing - fast running that is not comfortable.

then I think about how much I don't like the 5k.... and again it is the same thing - fast running that is not comfortable.

Then I think about my loves...Tuesday and Thursdays and my loooooong, looooong runs... oh and my Friday runs and my Sunday runs :) this just makes me happy.  My two a days make me a happy runner too! 

Knowing that tomorrow is Thursday puts a peaceful smile on my face and makes me want to go to bed now so I can wake up and RUN.

So after writing this, it brings me to my next thought... if I don't like running fast why in the heck do I race?!?! What is the point??? I mean its not like it is FREE!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8 Miles of way too fast

Tuesdays are my easy days, but sometimes this runner just can not seem to get an easy pace down. People have different opinions on this subject. As for me, I think easy is whatever your body pumps out. Today my body pumped out a 7:45 average for 8.5 miles.  It felt great. I didn't start until 6:30 so the sun was out for the run. Usually on work mornings it is dark, so when I was running I kept thinking it was the weekend... but then I had to continue to bring myself back to reality.

I finally registered for the half marathon this weekend. I think I am going to push myself to find a 7:00 pace for this race. Whether or not I am ready for that... I don't know, but I am ready to find out!!

Tomorrow is dreadful track day.... oh how I wish I naturally had fast twitch fibers in my body, then I wouldn't have to force myself to be a gerbil and run around circles every Wednesday morning!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tempo Monday

Happy Monday.

After a fun filled weekend I woke up at 5 am to Tempo. I had my doubts on how my performance would be, but I was in bed at a descent hour yesterday so I was able to catch up on the rest!!

I had 3 miles at 6:45 on the schedule... that is 6:45 miles not 6:45 am :)

I decided to do 2 miles for warm up and then hit the paces.

Mile 1 - 6:39
Mile 2 - 6:45
Mile 3 - 6:42

Of course I decided to make it an even 5K...

Total time was 20:45 for running a 5k solo on a Monday Morning. This gives me a little self confidence that I may be able to break 20:00 when I actually decided to race a 5k next time.

After the tempos, I waited on the rest of the group and ran 3.5 easy to make it a total of 8.5 for the day.

The rest of the week is going to be tappered a little. I want to be rested for my half marathon on Sunday! After the last couple of weeks of no rest days, I need to be smart this week and take it super easy otherwise Sunday will just be a disaster.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


oh, I hope no one has anything similar to this one!!!
Last nights...

I was running the marathon in Indiana. Jaime and David both were there. For some reason I was running in yoga pants and a cotton long sleeve shirt. Now doesn't that sound light an automatic nightmare? Well, it gets worse! It is raining, and there are HILLS! I started out with a 7:20 pace and it felt great... however all of a sudden there are obstacles on the course!!! OBSTACLES! I mean like you have to run in a single file line, people are stopping to chit chat and I am just freaking out because I don't want to do any of this. I can't pass people on the single line because there is a COP watching us... Next thing I know we get to this point... and it is an amusement park!!! We have to get on a ride to get to the next part. Now, my long sleeve shirt is off and I am just in yoga pants. The entire time I am looking at my watch freaking out and seeing over 9:30 miles and Jaime is telling me to run.. She keeps asking what I am doing, laughing and shaking her head... Thank god I woke up shortly after this...!!!

WORST DREAM EVER! I feeling like somebody was taunting me all night... I am back to being scared..  where is mile 18.2?!?!?!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lets look back...

I had an amazing 20 miler during my training...

September 4
7:36 pace

Now, I have been stressing about this week leading to the marathon all week. Now, I have not looked back on the week leading to that amazing run until tonight and I would like to share it with you!

7 Miles 53:32
3 easy
1 easy
Start at 5am

8 Miles
7:44 pace
start at 6:51 pm


* I had a note that I was hungover from a date the night before... ;)
8 Miles
8:08 pace
start at 5:55am

Friday - YES I RAN FRIDAY!!!
4 Miles
8:37 pace
started at 7:03 am

Dinner Friday night...Pei Wei Spicy Korean (ate it all) Vanilla Milkshake from Steak in Shake (drank it all) and then a glass of wine (enjoyed it all)
Breakfast... Coffee, Water, Luna Bar

Temp 76* 89% Humidity

20 miles
7:36 pace

So as you can see, with as much as I worked myself that week, I still managed to get this stellar run in!! This gives me loads of confidence that I can do this again on Saturday!

"To do your best, you've gotta believe in yourself. There is a functional link between physiology and psychology. If you have the confidence to do something, your body will respond. With confidence you can cope with various race day obstacles, but even slight problems are magnified if you lack it. Achieving goals -- long training runs, consistent mileage, increasingly faster times in speed workouts and races -- builds confidence, which results in  further improvements in performance. Reflect on these successes as you approach a race and during it to keep your confidence strong." (quoted from The Competitive Runner's Handbook)

Just get me to mile 18.2

All I want is mile 18.2, because then I know my favorite distance is left... only 8 more miles and then I am DONE!!

18 miles is nothing compared to 20 or 22 right?

This is my thought process on this marathon. 18.2 and I am DONE!

Sounds crazy right? It is the only thought that has actually calmed me down yet!! ... well besides my 6 mile tempo run I decided to do 3 days before my marathon...

Ok, this is Penny officially freaking out...

"Stay with each situation until you feel your anxiety drop, worry systematically and intensely... and humorously. Make your scenarios crazy and outrageous. Creative worrying is a way of desensitizing yourself to worries....."

and here is what I am doing to relieve the stress... enjoying a nice hot mug of tension tamer!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do I really have to taper?

Well, I did my last long run and now it is tapper time. Lets get this marathon over with so that I can get back to running! I haven't even started tapering yet and I already miss running! Jaime better hide my running shoes, because they may accidentally be used more than they should!!

Today I had 15 miles on the schedule. It was supposed to be 7 miles easy 8 miles at goal marathon pace. Well, I have no clue what my goal marathon pace is or should be anymore. So I just figured I would do 15 miles at whatever pace my body kicked out. Now, I have had a knee issue for two weeks now. I fell very hard on the knee cap and pretty much had to take the last 2 weeks off. I have taken almost an entire bottle of Motrin in these two weeks. Of course I attempted running through it all. I even attempted and accomplished a 21 miler with the pain! Of course there were plenty of people telling me not to do this, not to do that and blah blah blah and one particular individual said I was insane... well... just a little bit about me...(only a runner would understand me and my decisions right now)

Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I am stupid. Yes, I have issues. And No, I do not care what you have to say, because I am going to do what I want!!!!

Today's run felt better than any run has felt in the past 2 weeks, so it made me feel so much better and happier. I did the 15 in 1:58:00. It wasn't exactly easier in the first 7, I just maintained my pace...


For the marathon I think I am going to aim for a 7:40 pace and see what happens. I did not start this run until 9am and it was hot! I was also out late last night indulging in way to much wine. I was pleased with this run with all of those factors!!

With the sun shinning so bright for those 2 hours, it left me with some god awful tan lines. So went straight to the pool to lay out for an hour to get rid of those ugly lines. I also bought new shorts yesterday!! I loved them. These will be my marathon shorts!!! Now, I have to decide if it is going to be sportsbra only, or wear a top...

The shorts are Nike, black with pink accent and have the built in boy shorts.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Longest Distance Yet

I ran my furthest distance this Saturday! 22 miles... 20 of which were amazingly great! 

Miles 1-5 were with the group... 8:26 pace. I was with Lisa, Todd and Nate. We talked about racing weight, people losing weight, and injuries. Good conversations for a warm up along Bayshore! I was not feeling good at this time and was not confident in my run for the day. I had a horrible nights sleep the night before. I was asleep before 9:15 but then woke up a few hours later WIDE awake and could not get tired. I tried reading for a while and with no luck, I took a melatonin tablet... BAD idea! AAAAHH these things make me feel horrible the next day. Like a walking zombie. My legs were HEAVY, my body was WEAK, and I just wasn't there when people were talking to me! 

1 838
2 830
3 829
4 820
5 812

Shark loop started, so did my music. Another friend had a similar schedule as me, so we ran together for these miles. Bobby had 20 at 8:00 pace. We talked a little, he like me kept quiet which was nice so I could listen to music, but mentally know someone was with me. Perfect :)

6 207  .25 miles 
7 816
8 810
9 810
10 807
11 803
12 5:58 .75 mile
13 758
14 757
15 758
16 807
17 755

Around 16-17 I left Bobby and headed out on Bayshore alone... there were American Flags lining the sidewalk for 9/11. I had severe goosebumps during most of these miles while I thought of our country and those we have lost, including a good friend from Highschool who was killed one year ago today in Afghanistan. (yes, on 9/11) These miles were not bad. I felt fine and was just knocking them out...

18 759
19 754
20 801
21 755

Then something happened, a HUGE mental battle, the biggest one I have EVER had... I seriously had nothing in me to finish these miles. I honestly believe it had to do with how tired I was from the evening before.I also think it was because mile 20 hit at my starting point. One of the biggest things I always try to avoid is repeating courses and passing a finish line to add on miles... and well that is exactly what happened! I had to pass by my car at mile 20 and still have 2 miles left!!   If it was last week, these 2 miles would have been amazing... but I did it! The "23" is actually 22 ... but with the laps above getting messed up it added an extra lap.

22 808
23 801

After finishing the only pain I felt was in my right calfish area. I chatted with Jaime a little, but finally told her I had to get out of there. I needed something in me and needed to take my shoes and clothes off! I was just not in high spirits, worn out and a little aggrevated. I got home and at 2 eggs took a shower and napped. When I woke up I felt better.

I met up with some friends to watch our Gators beat USF :) ended up being a fun good day.