Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Double 8's in less than 12

After Sundays race I took Monday off from running and just did some weights. Monday was chest day. I hate working my chest because I feel like I am not blessed as it is up top and when I start getting muscle in the chest I look even more masculine! I didn’t do it last week, so I figured this week would be ok to go for it. It was a pretty good workout even though I was exhausted from my Sunday Funday!! Too much not enough fun in the sun!!!
Yesterday I had to travel for work which meant I was in heels and walking ALL DAY LONG. I had tried to get up before work to get my run in, but my body was begging for that extra hour of sleep – so I gave in. When I finally got back to Tampa last night I knew it was going to be a HUGE mental battle to run. My legs were tired, my feet hurt and I just wanted to lay on a couch with my feet up.
I made it to my place and threw my running clothes on. I figured if I didn’t give myself time to rethink anything I would get it done – and that is exactly what I did! It wasn’t so bad after all. 8:00 pace for 8 miles!! My feet were not feeling good because of the day, but my body felt great. It was so nice being out there. The weather was beautiful. Most of my run was done in the grass – I would say 90%. I have been trying to do this since I started back, and it isn’t bad. I actually enjoy it. Watching the grass and making sure I don’t trip gives me something to concentrate on – and it feels good!! I used to hate running in the grass – but now I love it!
I don’t have much food at my place since I haven’t been staying there much lately, so when I got home I was famished and had to search for something. I made a protein shake and had some cottage cheese- pretty lame!! But, it worked!!
This morning I went at it again… 8 more miles!!! I was super tired though. After I ate last night I started doing laundry and cleaning and next thing I knew it was midnight! That 5:00 am wakeup call wasn’t so pretty – but I got it done anyways J This morning’s run definitely did not feel like last nights, but that is what I get for running 16 miles in less than 12 hours!
When I got back I was feeling pretty tight in my thutt musles so I broke out the Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt down video to get some good stretches in. That lasted about 20 minutes and next thing I know I was  laying on my stomach falling asleep! Haha,  I was doing planks, dropped to the ground and it was waaaay to comofortable!! If I had it my way I would have slept there for a few hours – but I knew I had to get up for work…. I really need to find somebody to support my stay-at-home-mom dream!!!!
Anyways – I have gym time with TB tonight followed by some Tennis!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Police Remembrance 10K

Well I raced RAN this weekend!!!
I was really, really excited about registering for this race. It was the Police Remembrance run for 3 police officers that have been killed within the past year. Our local race director, Chris Lauber, put it on so it was also nice to be supporting him.
My race started at 7 am in downtown St Petersburg. I live in Tampa, so it takes a good 30 minutes to get there. I knew that I needed to wake up at 5am to have time to eat, get ready and get down there.
Well, Jaime J’s second Bachelorette Party was on Saturday night!! I honestly did not think we would be out too late, since we were eating dinner, having wine, and then hitting the streets. It just seemed that with dinner and all it would end earlier. Well…. We had SOO much fun!! I was the DD and took care of everyone. It was a blast. Needless to say I did not get into my apartment until after 2am!! So this was already putting me at less than 3 hours of sleep. I had thoughts of not going – but I wanted to so badly. Even if I wasn’t going to do well, I wanted to be around other runners- to get that excitement that I haven’t been able to enjoy in a few months.
All of a sudden at 4:30am I was woken up by a LOUD thunderstorm!!! It was intense –lightening, thunder, wind, the whole nine yards. I thought for sure the race would be cancelled, so I checked my news feed on Facebook since I am friends with Chris. Well – he wasn’t cancelling the race, the storm was going to blow over. I put my head back down thinking that 20 more minutes of sleep was MUCH needed! I was EXHAUSTED.
The alarm went off at 5am – this girl opened her eyes at 5:47!! Race time was in one hour and 13 minutes!! For a couple of seconds I said screw it, Im not running. But then next thing I was doing was throwing my running clothes on, making my protein shake, and running to my car!! I got in my car a little after 6 and FLEW to St Pete. I don’t know how I did it, but I made it! I found a parking spot – RAN to pick up my race packet – and RAN back to my car to drop my stuff off – and RAN to the starting line – and RAN the 10k!
Right away I knew that I was not going to be getting a time that I wanted. I had thoughts of just stopping but knew that was dumb. Just run it, I needed to run anyways. My legs felt tired, my body was weak, my head was pounding, and I was so thirsty!! I just wanted to go back to sleep!!
I don’t have my times for you, but the first mile was about 7:17 and then they jumped up to 7:40-7:59’s. I didn’t even care. The last mile was about a 7:17 as well and the .2 was at a 6:38 pace. When I realized I only had about ½ mile left I started to pick it up. I saw 3 girls in front of me and I just wanted to pass all 3 of them and then I would be happy. Mission Accomplished J
I ended at a 7:40 pace.
4th in Age Group
40th Overall
Not a PR.
A fun time for a Great Cause

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Feeling Good!

After yesterday’s 10 miler I was kind of curious as to how I was going to feel today. Amazingly I felt great.  I don’t feel like I did something out of the ordinary and I may actually log some miles today as well.
Yesterday I met TB at the gym to work shoulders and abs. It felt pretty good. I am hoping all of this strength training is going to pay off in my runningJ.  My body tends to gain muscle fast, so I am getting a little self-conscious about how I am starting to look. I know people love to see muscles, but at a point I think a girl starts looking masculine – and that is NOT what I want. I just want to be lean and jiggle free! No bulk needed- please!
Something else I have been doing a lot lately is playing tennis. Last night we met some people and had a mini tourney. I am getting pretty good at it and love getting out there. It is something different and competitive. Not to mention hanging out with TB is always a great time J. After a while of hitting and running after that ball you really work a sweat!!! So much fun!!
Other BIG NEWS for this runner!!!
I registered for a race this weekend!!! It is the Police Remembrance run. I am running a 10k in remembrance of a K-9 officer who was shot and killed about a year ago (even his dog was killed L). Something I didn’t really like about the race was how we had to choose who we wanted to run for. I feel like you should run the race and then all proceeds get divided out evenly. I chose this guy because I asked a friend who was more familiar with the Pinellas County Police department and he said this one. And not to mention – each officer had a different distance. This one is a 10K!!!
I don’t have a plan. I just want to run and get my race feel back. If I suck I suck – if I do well, then WOOHOO!!!!
 If I had to put a pace down that I would like to beat it is 7:30. I have promised myself that if this doesn’t happen that I will be ok with it and realize that I need to work a little harder to regain my speed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Run = Love

Lots of running in the past few days = Happy Penny!
Seriously, I love my life when I can get my runs in! The endorphins run high and I just smile. Life is not complete without my runs.
Lets recap!
Sunday – 8.16 Miles @ 8:02 pace on the treadmill
Monday – 8.16 Miles @ 8:02 pace on the treadmill
Tuesday – 5 Miles @ 8:15ish pace? The screen was broken but if I had to guess this is what it was..
Aaaaaaaaand – waaaait for it!!!!!
10 Miles!!! Yes, I did run 10 whole miles down Bayshore!!! I got up at 5am and hit the pavement at 5:30 am. Such an amazing morning!
8:20 pace.
I was really tight/sore from my leg workout on Monday, so I kept it easy and controlled. It felt great and today has been such a better day. No pain in the foot J
I hit the gym at lunch to work my shoulders with my AMAZING workout partner – and afterwards he helped stretch my legs out and now I feel like I could run the 10 miles AGAIN!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Sober!!

This may be the FIRST Cinco de Mayo that I have not cosumed an ounce of alcohol!! I MUST BE GROWING UP!

I am so excited about why I am staying in tonight too! I am waking up and running 10 miles!! Woot Woot! Yes, I am going to attempt my longest run since February and I don't think I am going to be able to sleep tonight because of all the excitement!

My friends are meeting in the morning and little do they know I am going to try and meet them. I say try because I have a bad track record as of lately about telling people I will show and then I run late and run on my own. So the plan is to run and meet them!

I am praying and praying that it goes well and that Seis de Mayo is spent smiling and glowing because of my long run!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thoughts on Training...

What an amazing weekend that just past!! Jaime Js Bachelorette Get-away Weekend was a huge success!! Lots of sun, fun drinks and great times!!! Sad it is over, but we left with some great memories!!

Bachelorette Party = No exercise for this girl! Sunday when I got home my body was B.E.G.G.I.N.G for some gym time. I was able to jump on the stair climber for a solid 30 minutes  - but was so fatigued that I was done after that. I was a sweat factory when that was over with!

This weekend Jaime and I started talking about NYC training and it started to get me in the mood for it. I am hoping that I don’t encounter any problems as far as injuries go. I never thought I would/could be so paranoid about injuries. I do not want to go through it again. Some things that I know I will have to do through the entire cyle
  • Diet – make sure I am eating healthy and getting my vitamins – including Calcium, Vitamin D and Iron!
  • Ice – and lots of it!!!
  • Stretch – look into Yoga/Pilate  classes at the gym
  • Cross Train – Swimming and Biking!!!
  • Strength Train – maintain a schedule and make sure the core is always solid.
  • Log Miles on Shoes – make sure they are always up to par.
  • REST! – like real rest. Recovery days need to be spent recovering and not doing crazy things.
All of these things may sound obvious – but I know I get caught up in life and then forget to do these things. Next thing you know days go by and then its weeks and you realize you are not actually taking care of yourself, which is a recipe for DISASTER.
I also want to make sure I am enjoying it. Track is my LEAST favorite part about running. I dread it and get a sick feeling to my stomach when I am out there. Even when I am leaving I do not like it! I have been thinking about not including this in my training. Instead I would do long tempo runs. I would like to be able to do 8 miles under an hour – easy. My favorite part about running is the longer distances, so if I somehow worked in Long Speed Runs I think I would be a happier runner. Why do something you dread – right?!