Sunday, September 12, 2010

Longest Distance Yet

I ran my furthest distance this Saturday! 22 miles... 20 of which were amazingly great! 

Miles 1-5 were with the group... 8:26 pace. I was with Lisa, Todd and Nate. We talked about racing weight, people losing weight, and injuries. Good conversations for a warm up along Bayshore! I was not feeling good at this time and was not confident in my run for the day. I had a horrible nights sleep the night before. I was asleep before 9:15 but then woke up a few hours later WIDE awake and could not get tired. I tried reading for a while and with no luck, I took a melatonin tablet... BAD idea! AAAAHH these things make me feel horrible the next day. Like a walking zombie. My legs were HEAVY, my body was WEAK, and I just wasn't there when people were talking to me! 

1 838
2 830
3 829
4 820
5 812

Shark loop started, so did my music. Another friend had a similar schedule as me, so we ran together for these miles. Bobby had 20 at 8:00 pace. We talked a little, he like me kept quiet which was nice so I could listen to music, but mentally know someone was with me. Perfect :)

6 207  .25 miles 
7 816
8 810
9 810
10 807
11 803
12 5:58 .75 mile
13 758
14 757
15 758
16 807
17 755

Around 16-17 I left Bobby and headed out on Bayshore alone... there were American Flags lining the sidewalk for 9/11. I had severe goosebumps during most of these miles while I thought of our country and those we have lost, including a good friend from Highschool who was killed one year ago today in Afghanistan. (yes, on 9/11) These miles were not bad. I felt fine and was just knocking them out...

18 759
19 754
20 801
21 755

Then something happened, a HUGE mental battle, the biggest one I have EVER had... I seriously had nothing in me to finish these miles. I honestly believe it had to do with how tired I was from the evening before.I also think it was because mile 20 hit at my starting point. One of the biggest things I always try to avoid is repeating courses and passing a finish line to add on miles... and well that is exactly what happened! I had to pass by my car at mile 20 and still have 2 miles left!!   If it was last week, these 2 miles would have been amazing... but I did it! The "23" is actually 22 ... but with the laps above getting messed up it added an extra lap.

22 808
23 801

After finishing the only pain I felt was in my right calfish area. I chatted with Jaime a little, but finally told her I had to get out of there. I needed something in me and needed to take my shoes and clothes off! I was just not in high spirits, worn out and a little aggrevated. I got home and at 2 eggs took a shower and napped. When I woke up I felt better.

I met up with some friends to watch our Gators beat USF :) ended up being a fun good day.


  1. Yay, first new blog post!
    Awesome job with 22 miles, that is unbelieveably far!
    I also hate having to go past your car/house/stopping point to finish out the run, it makes it so agonizing, but way to get it done, and super quickly too!

  2. Just read this one, too! Not sure how I missed your blog before. I remember this day. This is when Angela had to take me back to my car and I only ended with 16 miles. That was a tough day!! Great job with your training ... you're going to do great next weekend!