Friday, January 21, 2011

This is not my Forte

No matter what I say I will never ever be a blogger. As bad as I want to be, I am not. I admit it and I am sorry for that!

But here is another random post by me..

I am 3 weeks away from marathon #2 and I have no idea what to think about it. It does not seem like I have been training for it. There is something so different this time about the whole process. There are days at a time that I do not even think about it, and then something crosses my mind that reminds me that I have a marathon coming up. Maybe since I have "been there, done that" it isn't such a big deal anymore. This attitude scares me because what if I am mentally not ready for it. I have completed my long runs (besides one 16 miler at goal pace) and tomorrow I am doing a 24 miler. So, physically I am fit for it. I am just not putting my thoughts into it. Its so strange to me.

Tomorrow I will need tons of prayers from everyone out there. I have committed to doing a relay. This relay is a 10 person 100 mile relay. Since I have my 23 mile long run planned this weekend, I went ahead and picked up 2 12 mile legs to incorporate my training. I am really nervous about this because it starts at about 11:45 am and I will be running in the middle of the day. My body is accustomed to running in the early mornings or at night, so hopefully I will adapt well. The other nerve wrecking part is that it is a 6 mile out and then back that I have to do twice. Going into this I am going to think of it as 4 6 mile runs. There are about 100 runners total and the path is in the middle of nowhere... a trail through woods. I am really hoping to see people out there to make it somewhat less lonely! AND there will only  be water every 6 miles. The weather claims it will only be a high of 61*. I am hoping this is accurate, but with Florida weather it could be in the mid 70's!! The next thing I am worried about is what the heck am I supposed to eat in the morning! I mean, I usually eat oatmeal and PB and I am out the door. This is later than usual so maybe I eat more earlier??

Everything is just so out of wack this training cycle!!

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