Sunday, January 2, 2011


Mileage by Month

This does not include some/most of my runs where I did not have my Garmin. With that said, my 1st Running Goal for 2011...  is to track my mileage "Jaime Style"

March: 111.63
May: 149.65
June: 151.96
July: 184.45
August: 167.04
September: 192.56
October: 132.68
November: 212.13
December: 147.07

November really sticks out to me. My marathon was October 23, so my highest month was following a marathon? This started to make me realize that this could be the reason from all of my FATIGUE the past couple of months! I never recovered from my marathon. which leads to my 2nd Running Goal for 2011 ... PROPER RECOVERY!

In Summary my Running Related Goals for 2011

Track mileage Jaime Style
Proper Recovery
STRETCH after runs
ICE ICE!! all the time
Strength train 2x per week
Cross Train 1-2 x per week
Be happy and proud after all races
Lose 10 pounds! My poor knees and hips need a break ;)