Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Night Track!

I think this new obsession with wanting my 5k time to get faster has completly changed my mindset on TRACK!

I dread track every week. This week I was so excited about it that I decdied to go on Tuesday evening! Night track is something I avoid at all costs, but I found myself racing to get there after work to get it in!

The workout was:

400 - 800 - 400 - 400- 400 - 400 - 400 - 800 - 400

It doesn't look like it would be bad, but the recovery was short and the times were FAST

He put my in group 4b. My goal was 91 on the 400's and 3:06 on the 800's


85 - 3:06 - 87 - 87 - 87 - 87 - 87 - 3:00 - 84

Not only was I SO pumped about track this week, I was also FAST!!! I was beating group 4 times!!!

My heart rate hated this workout. I felt like it never calmed down, because we literally only had about a minute in between runs!!

I left happy and satisfied

When I got home we took the dogs for their 2 mile walk, but stopped and got ice cream sundaes for dinner!!!

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