Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catch Up!

AM - 10 Miles 1:20:19 8:01/mi
PM -  6.11 Miles 47:21 7:45/mi

5.11 Miles  41:20 8:05/mi
Body Flow

My running has been out of wack this week!! I blame it on my schedule. After Thanksgiving I had to work on Friday and Saturday which means I had to be at work in the mall madness by 9 am. Since it is a Holiday weekend I felt I should be able to sleep in, but running before work and sleeping in do not go together! On top of that I have been feeling TIGHT and like I need a really good stretching! Now, I think this is a mixture of racing, not taking great care of myself in regards to sleep and health, and not taking days off. Lately I have been going out more than usual and I can feel a direct effect on the body. So, I am cutting back... way back!!

After yesterdays 5 Miler and feeling my body's screams for stretching I jumped in my car and went to Body Flow at the gym. The class incorporates Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. It felt GREAT to do the stretches and moves. Lengthening the legs and torso made my body happy. It is really funny to watch me do this class, my balance is horrible and I am sure it is something that I just have to figure out. When we have to stand on one leg and then extend the arms and other leg out I ALWAYS lose my balance. I end up laughing, and I am sure it disrupts peoples concentration but I can't help it!! When you are the only one in the class falling over what else are you going to do, but laugh? Anyways, today my shoulders are pretty sore - so I guess that means I got a good workout in!! 

I am going to try and start writing about my diet and how I feel with running. I bought the book "Racing Weight" and just getting a couple pages into it I can tell that my diet is not helping my running as of lately. The book promotes you weighing yourself a lot and tracking how you feel... so maybe I can use this as my outlet. Unfortunately, some of you know how bad I am at being consistent with this blog!! So, Jaime & Stephanie your job is to make me stay on this thing!!!!!!

For some reason, yesterday I was craving Mexican food, but I didn't want the tortillas, chips and cheese mess... so I went to Publix to create my own ...

Black Beans, Corn, black olives, and Peppers (red, yellow and green). I mixed this confetti together and topped it on a bed of spinach and added some pepper jack cheese. Then I topped it with the FAGE 0 Greek Yogurt and Salsa. It was amazing and I am currently obsessed with it!!! It was my lunch and dinner. Between the beans, cheese and Greek Yogurt there was no need for animal protein and I felt great all cay... not stuffed or gross. 

Well, I hope everyone has had a great Holiday Weekend! Now it is time to prep for the week!!!

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  1. Tell me about your food, Haha! I have really wanted to read that book, but I have been avoiding it because I am afraid it will blow huge holes in my current diet- you will have to let me know how it is!