Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kind of Excited/Scared

Monday I ventured out to Bayshore to honor Marathon Monday. I had been avoiding Bayshore like the plague because I didn't want to open myself up to daily temptation. Jaime asks all the time for me to run with her out there and I always decline because of my reason.

Well - Marathon Monday is kind of a big deal in the running world. So I went out and did it. I did not run with my Garmin. I just went. I was originally going to do my full 8 mile path, but turned around at my 7 mile path turn-around because I started thinking that I was being a little too extreme. Now, the Dr. did say that I should not run until mid May. My foot doesn't hurt and running feels good on the treadmill. I LOVED every minute of Monday. It made me the happiest person alive to be out there and see so many familiar running faces! The wind was really brutal on the way back - but that wasn't even going to take my happieness away! I emraced the wind like it was my best friend!! I was not going to tell any of my running friends about this run of mine because they really want me to be with them running and not on my own. So that was my full intention... until I walked in my door and looked at my phone. MY COACH SAW ME!! Of all people, he spotted me. So, I had to let my secret out. I  can never get away with secrets. They always come out. This happens in every aspect of my life. I can not keep things inside, I always get caught so now I just let them out. This is not about friends secrets - just my own.

Since I know myself so very well - this run did in fact open a HUGE can of worms. I went at it again this morning - but this time I wore Mr. Garmin. 7 more miles of amazingness. Now I know people are really curious how my mile times are with this whole break I had to take - so here it is!!

7.12 Miles

.12 7:28

Nice cut downs right!? I did not plan this it just happened. I wasn't pushing I wasn't doing anything. I just did what I did. I ran. Now, I am going to be 100% honest. I felt HEAVY. Like I felt like I had a lot of weight on me and it was tiring. Yes, I have gained some pounds with this break. Fat and Muscle. Muscle because I have started lifting weights - whereas before I didn't touch them. Fat because of poor diet and not as much cardio as running and alcohol.

So there you have it. My first garmin splits post-break.

I am super excited about this. The times are much slower than I would like them to be.

But, I think there is hope for me.

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