Friday, April 8, 2011

This has got to be the Good Life!

I went to the doctor yesterday and I do not have to wear that stinky nasty loud obnoxious ugly horrible black pathetic boot! (I am sure I could come up with more adjectives to desribe that thing, but I will stop out of respect for the boot). I wish there was someone in the room with me and the Dr. to tape my excitement. I was so tired before walking into the office - but as soon as he came in and said that I was free of the boot because of how nice my foot has been healing I jumped up and started clapping. He suggested I didn't jump other wise I would probably be right back in it. He kept talking about how I should hold off until May to run and blah blah blah - but at that point I wasn't listening I just smiled and clapped and smiled some more!!


So of course the rebel that I am - this is what I did prior to the appointment - and yes some may call me retarded/stupid but oh well.

I ran 60 minutes/7.5 miles the day before. Why you ask? Well I figured if it was bad and there was still something wrong - then it would really show the next day in the x-ray and or swelling. But nothing showed, he was even impressed that it wasn't inflamed (no I did not admit my run to him). Clearly it is healed. There is no sensitiveness or feeling of the fracture anymore.

So what did I do after the appointment you wonder - well I RAN - and maaaan did it feel GOOD!!

I got in my little Jetta and went to the gym. I hoped right on the treadmill and went at it! 45:00 minutes of pure bliss!!! It felt wonderful - a HUGE smile on my face the entire time!!! I saw a friend at the gym and he came over to talk to me and I was just smiling away!!! Little does he know how crazy a runner can get off of a high.

After running I went and played TENNIS!! The friend that was at the gym had raquets so we raced over to the courts to play a couple of hours of "hitting the ball" back and forth across the net. We were no professionals by any means - but it was still lots of fun!!!

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  1. Yayyy congrats on your first run back and see you in New York!