Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Windy-ness!!

Since when did Tampa become the new Windy City? I set out for my 8 miler this morning. Starting out I was feeling pretty sluggish because I was so tired. I even had thoughts of sleeping in until the last minute before work, but I knew I had plans to meet Jaime J for dinner after work and that I had to get to the DMV at lunch to get a new driver’s license. If I did not get my butt out of bed this morning to work out I was not going to have time today, which would lead me to feeling guilty and regret because I have to look good in a bathing suit this weekend during our Bachelorette Extravaganza!!!
So, there I was running down Bayshore feeling T.I.R.E.D. I felt the wind, but it wasn’t going against me, it was just windy. It didn’t feel like it would feel any different on the way back, but I still had a little bit of nervousness for my treck back when I turned around. Well, I made it to my water fountain and turn back. It wasn’t bad – haha – uuuuntil I hit mile 5.5 when I went around the bend near Bay to Bay. Then it was windy – not only windy – but like HURRICANE wind! I was cruising at a sub 8:00 pace for my miles and then all of a sudden I was at 8:16 pace and felt like I was running in pace. I might as well of had a parachute on my back and running in place it was that bad! I wanted to stop and walk, but I knew I was already cutting it close to get to work on time – so I continued and hated it. But then I remembered I was RUNNING! I wouldn’t have it any other way. So I embraced the wind and tried to tell myself how much I loved the wind and that I would rather be fighting hurricane weather than riding a stupid stationary bike – these feelings were HARD to mentally have – very hard!
I made it home somehow without stopping. 8:08 pace for my miles this morning – a little slower than yesterday’s flat 8:00 pace – but Ill take it!!!
As far as the foot goes. I do not feel any pain in the foot. Oddly enough I think I have a mild shin splint in my right leg! When I was in high school I would get these, so I know where and what they feel like. I’m not too worried about it, I just ice it and it is fine.
I am also trying to be very conscious about my diet right now as well. After feeling so heavy with running I want to lose some of the pounds that snuck up on me, but I don’t want to lose the muscle that I have gained. I want an even balance, but no fat!
Happy Wednesday!!!!


  1. Back to back 8 milers, looks like you are officially back!!

  2. YOU ARE BACK!!! That wind sounds are amazing to keep an 8:16 pace in all that. WE ARE GOING TO BE IN New York together and we get to hang out wahoo!!