Monday, August 20, 2012

15 Miles of Smiles

Another training week down.

My running week started on Sunday with an 8 mile recovery run. I woke up really early and wanted to knock out some miles.

Sunday 8 Miles --> 8:44 pace
Monday 1441 no running
Tuesday 8 Miles --> 8:31 pace
Wednesday --> Track  (I think I could be getting some speed back!)
Thursday --> a BRUTAL 7 miles. 8:45 pace -- My body was tired, I was dehydrated and it hurt.
Friday --> 1441 no running
Saturday --> 15 miles!!! 8:28 pace with JAIME!!!

Total Miles : 40

Jaime came to town and we hung out all weekend. It was GREAT. I miss her so much.. She joined me for my 15 miler and it was so much fun. We got in an easy 6 miles then had 3 of our other friends join us for the final 9. It was so nice to have us all out there chatting away for 2 hours. I wish every Saturday could be like that!!!

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