Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 Weeks to go!

I can't believe I only have 10 more weeks to go!! Every week that passes by I feel more and more confident about the Marathon.

After last Saturdays 15 miler, I took Sunday completely off. I laid around and let my body rest. I  have not been giving my body enough rest days, so even though I felt lazy I stuck through with it. Monday morning came and I was ready to roll!!

Monday AM: 1441 
              PM: 6 Miles 7:54 pace
Tuesday AM: 7 Miles 8:20 pace
Wednesday: TRACK
     1200 - 5:02 6:40 pace
     1600 - 6:41
     2000 - 8:17 6:33 pace
     1200 - 4:52 6:24 pace
Thursday: 8 Miles 8:19 pace
Friday: 1441
Saturday 16 Miles

Wednesday track was killer - but I killed it!!! I felt amazing, and finally felt like I was getting some speed back. He had me in group 5b but I was running 4b times - AND look how I got faster!!! Most people got slower and died, but I just got stronger. I was high on life that day :)

Saturday I woke up at 3:40 and was running by 4:25. I wanted to get in a little over 7 miles before the Sharks start at 5:30 am. Since it isn't really safe/smart to be running alone that early, I met up with another group for the first 8. This group is FAST. Like sub 3 hours fast... sub 18 minute 5k fast... but yet, their long  run easy runs are so slow...

First 8 Miles:
avg: 9:02

Next 8
avg: 8:12

I was really happy with the run overall. The second half I still felt great, and could have kept going. My over stops only added up to 14 minutes  - which included a long break before the shark start since I got there a little too early. (compared to last weeks 15 miles which was over 20 minutes!!)

After the 16 miles I went and did 2 hours of Seal Strength & Conditioning -- crazy yes, but it was awesome and so much fun!! I am super sore today... which I know was from the boot camp....

This is me laying on the ground - I had to pull the rope that had a 40lb kettle ball attached to the end. We had to pull it all the way until the kettle ball came to our heads. Then the next person would go. We did this 5 times each -- killed the arms and back!

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