Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Double 8's in less than 12

After Sundays race I took Monday off from running and just did some weights. Monday was chest day. I hate working my chest because I feel like I am not blessed as it is up top and when I start getting muscle in the chest I look even more masculine! I didn’t do it last week, so I figured this week would be ok to go for it. It was a pretty good workout even though I was exhausted from my Sunday Funday!! Too much not enough fun in the sun!!!
Yesterday I had to travel for work which meant I was in heels and walking ALL DAY LONG. I had tried to get up before work to get my run in, but my body was begging for that extra hour of sleep – so I gave in. When I finally got back to Tampa last night I knew it was going to be a HUGE mental battle to run. My legs were tired, my feet hurt and I just wanted to lay on a couch with my feet up.
I made it to my place and threw my running clothes on. I figured if I didn’t give myself time to rethink anything I would get it done – and that is exactly what I did! It wasn’t so bad after all. 8:00 pace for 8 miles!! My feet were not feeling good because of the day, but my body felt great. It was so nice being out there. The weather was beautiful. Most of my run was done in the grass – I would say 90%. I have been trying to do this since I started back, and it isn’t bad. I actually enjoy it. Watching the grass and making sure I don’t trip gives me something to concentrate on – and it feels good!! I used to hate running in the grass – but now I love it!
I don’t have much food at my place since I haven’t been staying there much lately, so when I got home I was famished and had to search for something. I made a protein shake and had some cottage cheese- pretty lame!! But, it worked!!
This morning I went at it again… 8 more miles!!! I was super tired though. After I ate last night I started doing laundry and cleaning and next thing I knew it was midnight! That 5:00 am wakeup call wasn’t so pretty – but I got it done anyways J This morning’s run definitely did not feel like last nights, but that is what I get for running 16 miles in less than 12 hours!
When I got back I was feeling pretty tight in my thutt musles so I broke out the Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt down video to get some good stretches in. That lasted about 20 minutes and next thing I know I was  laying on my stomach falling asleep! Haha,  I was doing planks, dropped to the ground and it was waaaay to comofortable!! If I had it my way I would have slept there for a few hours – but I knew I had to get up for work…. I really need to find somebody to support my stay-at-home-mom dream!!!!
Anyways – I have gym time with TB tonight followed by some Tennis!!!

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  1. Nice runs! Even better that they were back to back!