Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 1: Stim Treatment

When I woke up this morning I was kind of excited. I knew I was going to see someone about my foot. I have been stuck in the City all week with work so I haven't been able to get any where with what is going on! I met my coach at UT and we hobbled over the the Sports Physical Therapist department.

I knew I probably wasn't going to get a definite answer as to what was wrong, but at least I would have someone giving me their thoughts!

When the therapist looked at it, she immediately thought it was a stress fracture. I think most medical examiners automatically assume runners with feet pain have stress fractures! She felt around for pain and it was located in the metatarsal area. She pulled out her tuning fork and touched it all over the bones in my foot. There was nothing. Usually, she said, if there was  break or fracture it would be painful. I didn't feel anything. She said that this was a good sign!

After all of that she hooked me up to do some Stim Treatment - which is Electric Stimulation.

It felt like I was being electrocuted!  I had to sit with this on for 15 minutes. It was supposed to help numb the pain and help with inflammation. It actually just localized the pain - rather than it being all over the foot it was more central (between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal). After that she wrapped me up in an ace bandang and I was on my way!

The therapist also suggested I break out my boot from before and start sporting it around....

 I decided to not wear it in public yet. I want to see the Dr. first. I also decided if I do have to wear this thing I am going to bedazzle the heck out of it!!!

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  1. hi girlie!! thanks for you sweet comment on my blog! I'm sending you healing vibes! keep us updated!! and if that boot has healing powers then u should most definitely WEAR that boot like your life depends on it!! :) xoxo!