Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 2: Verdict is in, again.

When I got to the Dr's office I was still praying hard that it was not a break or a fracture. I still had a little hope that it was a pulled muscle, strain or sprain.
Part of me was not convinced it was another stress fracture because the pain this time is much worse. I can not walk on my foot. When I step I have to put all the weigh on my heel. Try walking like that, it takes forever to get anywhere and it starts burning other muscles in your leg. If weight starts shifting anywhere else in the foot is so unbearable. With my previous fracture I could walk all day on it. Even after the diagnosis came in I was telling people that I didn't believe it was a fracture (but you can't argue with an x-ray!).

He immediatly did an xray and then started feeling my foot asking where the pain was. After he was done feeling around and before viewing the xray - he said well, its a stress fracuture - then he flipped the xray on zoomed into the 3rd metatarsal and clear as day - it was a solid crack straight across the neck of my 3rd metatarsal. Much more clear, visibile and bigger than the one I had before. He said - wow you have almost broken that thing in half!!

At this point I wanted to cry, I wanted to just throw my hands up and give up. I wanted to pinch myself and wake up from the nightmare I have been living in for the past 2 weeks.

He didn't stop there, he pulled out his peice of paper and went to town on what I had to do...

1. Stress Fracture -
the neck of the 3rd metatarasl right foot.

2. Boot

3. Crutches.

4. NO weight at all on the foot -
if you need to go to the fridge have someone go for you or use the crutches

5. Ibprophen for pain

6. Follow up in 5 weeks.

Then he turned to me and said "see you in a few weeks!" And that was that.

So easy for him to say to me. His easy simple words were the hardest words for me to digest. His quick 5 minutes were the worst 5 minutes for me. And now I will spend the next 6-8 weeks dealing with his easy words and fastest 5 minutes.

Now I am trying to figure out WHY I would get another one in a different foot. Is there an underlying cause??

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  1. hey gorgeous girl!! i am so so so sorry to hear about your injury, I know this is the last thing you want to hear but this can be a great learning experience. there is an underlying cause: nutrition? overuse? improper form? advancing mileage too soon? you should get some bloodwork done and you will find out the nutrition aspect. if you take this time to learn and heal you will return better than ever!! you can still exercise! swim! maybe bike? lift weights? I'm sending you healing vibes! xoxo!