Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Easy Tuesday

4:50am Wake up

Eizekl Toast w/ yogurt butter
1/2 glass BCAA with h20
Stick Rolling

Plan was 8 miles with strides.

I decided to take a somewhat different course today so that I could hit a water fountain. The humidity is still unreal at the beach which makes every run a struggle.

Starting out I was feeling good, but I was really trying to just maintain pace and not get too crazy.


I was pretty happy with the run overall. The paces were pretty even. I am starting to feel better on the daily runs which is making me happy.

I have a ton of work to still do, but I know it will come back.

At lunch I met J at the gym for some weights

5x5 Jammers
10x3 Cleans
(5/5/5 Pullups --> 25 Squats) x 4
Planks (:30 reg, :30 right, :30 left) x4

Pretty sure that workout is going to be leaving me feeling sore for track tomorrow!

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