Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday Failure

Woke up at 4:30am feeling tired, but excited about the run. Since getting accepted into Boston I have been pumped and ready to train!

1/2 Cup Coffee
Ezikel Toast x2

Met friends at 5am to head to Fort Desoto.

Drank 1/2 cup of BCAA mixed with h2o on the way to the park.

The plan was to run
4 easy
4 @ 7:30
1 easy
3 @ 7:30

This was really aggressive for me right now, so I was just going to "pick it up" on the fast miles.

I ran the 1st mile really slow with my Friend, so when I hit the 2nd mile I took off. I could tell at this point the run wasn't going to be good.

My stomach hurt, I felt bloated, my legs didn't want to run. They were sore from a Spin Class the day before. My head hurt. It just wasn't good.

I made it to mile 5, stopped, stretched my legs. My heart was racing and I just wanted to call it a day.

I made it to the car, which put me at 6. I decided to call it quits, my pace was bad, I was needing to stop to recover and knew it was just going to continue to go down hill.

As I drove home I started feeling bad about quitting and hated that I made that decision. When I got to the house, I immediately hopped on my bike and went out for 13 miles. I figured another 50 minutes of cardio would make up for some of the miles I lost.

I was pretty depressed about quitting for the rest of the day. Part of me wanted to go out the next day to tackle it again, but end in the end I decided to just continue with my schedule.

Obviously my body needed rest, so I took today off and will resume the schedule tomorrow!

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