Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Track - Fail

4:55 am wake up
BCAA w/ h2o
2 pieces of toast.

Left house at 5:10

Got to track did 1 mile warm up.

I was feeling good when I woke up and on the drive over. I really thought that I was going to have a great day at track....


400 - 400 - 800 - 800 - 1200 - 1200

The warm up mile was kind of a struggle, but usually it is just a shake out and things get better.

He put me in group 5 to start. Which I thought was going to be doable...

We came in on the first 400 at 98 minutes - - it was supposed to be 95. My watch didn't start so I had no idea what was going on. I did feel like I was pushing it, so when I found out we were slow I started to realize that it wasn't going to be a good day.

Next 400 - 94 - back on pace.

800's were difficult and slow. My body just didn't have the energy to run fast. Heart was racing, legs felt dead - I had nothing. Breathing was deep. It was rough


Slower than the plan

When we got to the 1200's he moved me back a group.

Well, we were approaching the 800 mark and I couldn't go any further. I kept slowing down and knew i had to stop.

1200 fail --> 800 = 3:22 --- slower than the other 800s!

Next 1200 I told myself to push it and get it done. No excuses...


Today was really discouraging. The feeling of having no energy to run and to feel like you have never run before sucks. Especially when you LOVE to run. Having people that have always been slower than you beat you feels horrible.

I was a little sore from the workout with J yesterday, but I don't think that was what was pulling me back.

I sort of think it is my diet. I don't know if I am fueling properly throughout the days. I shouldn't feel dead on my runs. My body shouldn't feel like it just wants to quit and sit down and give up.

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