Monday, February 21, 2011

Biking and Swimming my way through Recovery....

I wore the boot to work today and I wore it proud! I do not like the spotlight on me and I really don't like playing the sympathy game - and unfortunately that is how my day went and my week will continue to go. People were stopping me with these looks of pain and making me tell my story. Little did they know it hurt to tell them, because it was a reminder that I could not run! I got quite used to the boot over the weekend. My family nicknamed me "Peg Leg" and joked and made fun of me as much as they could.

At lunch today I made a point to go to the gym that is across the street from my work. They have a pool!! AND their rates are MUCH lower than mine!! Unfortunately, they do not have any gyms in Tampa, where I actually live. I spent an hour talking to a guy and begging and pleading for him to just give me a month or two at a cheap rate just so I could use the pool - and yes I did use the sympathy card - but it didn't work. What he did give me was a 2 week guest pace and 2 free sessions with a personal trainer. I even met the personal trainer and told him I did not want to waste any time with the introductory stuff ( I already know my weight, I know how to eat, etc) I just want him to show me some good strength training work outs so I can feel confident about doing it alone! He agreed and we have a date set!!! It was a very productive lunch.

So after work I went to the gym. I know absolutely nothing about biking and swimming in regards to what is actually a good work out - so feel free to comment.

30 minutes on the Bike : 
9 miles
30 minutes swimming: 
(200 meters Free Styles & 200 meters breast stroke) x 4 = 1600 meters

It was an hour of cardio, but I don't know if I should be pushing harder?? The bike makes me sweat like crazy and I can't do any stand up stuff right now because I can't put the pressure on the foot. The swimming was making my arms feel like rubber! I actually really enjoyed it... and it was WAY more enjoyable than the stationary bike. There is something about being in a gym doing cardio that drives me crazy!!! I get so impatient!!!


  1. So 1600m in the pool is like double the distance of the swim part of a triathalon- so I think we answered our questions from this weekend as to how long that should take! I think that is pretty good swimming pace, but then again, what do I know.

    As far as biking goes, you were basically doing 18mph which is pretty good in my opinion. I know a lot of people say their magic number is 20mph, BUT that is a lot easier to do out on a road bike than it is on a stationary bike. I would say shoot for 8-10 miles in 30 minutes, and even do intervals like you would at the track by alternating sprints, or minute repeats of super high resistance.

  2. What a pretty new blog! :) Swimming and biking: I can't you any advice, but I'm eager to learn with you! :) I like your new attitude about the boot!! The more you love it and take care of that foot, the faster it will heal! :)