Monday, February 7, 2011

Forced Tapper - again!

Someone is looking out for me... yet again. My last marathon I fell 4 weeks before and was pretty much forced into a tapper very early - well, here I am again with another problem.... I promise I am not a hyper condriac (I think thats the right word to use...) - I love running too much to create problems in my head.

I have a mystery sprain-ish feeling in my left foot and now I am going to actually tapper!! This time I am going to be cross training all week and not running until the marathon. After I googled and talking with people, it is yet another over use problem. The best remedy for me is to just not run until the race, ice it a few times a day, and take ibuprofen before running. I may end up goin stir crazy from not running, so people watch out!

I spent an hour at the gym today doing 30 minutes on the stair climber and 30 minutes on the bike. The stair climber is my new favorite. I have been starting at 9 and then every 5 minutes adding a level. This machine kicks my a$$! My heart beats faster in the 30 minutes I am on it then it does in a marathon. I sweat like I am in a sauna, and I do not do that when running!! It is amazing. The bike is ok, I am learning to use it. I was checking my heart rate today and I maintained about 150 bpm, which is not max but it is high, so it must be doing something!! I did almost 8 miles in 30 minutes - but then later found out that 10 miles is on next time!! All of this cardio at the gym is actually boring to me, I find myself people watching and then watching the minutes on the timer... its the longest minutes of my life. I don't know how people do it daily... they have way more mental power than I do.

Everyone should wish me luck this week and hope that I don't secretly try to run... because I have a feeling that I may not make it....

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  1. NO RUNNING!!!! I will come steal all your shoes if I have to!
    You should go swim so you don't have to watch the time on the machines. If you have an arc trainer at your gym, try that too, it gets my HR super high!