Thursday, February 24, 2011

Switching Gyms

This week has been such a crazy week!!!

Work has been intense for a while now, but was brought to a whole new level last week when I was PROMOTED. I have not even had a chance to celebrate or get excited about this promotion because of everything else that has been going on in my life. I am really looking forward to this weekend so that I can breath!!

Yesterday I made a big decision. I changed gyms (sort of). The LA Fitness that opened up across the street from my work has a pool and is brand new. I went in earlier this week and talked to the guys. These guys are EXTREMELY nice, outgoing and fun. I talked to them about my stress fracture and what I typically do as far as workouts. The immediately gave me 2 free training sessions (of which I have used and now and way beyond sore). They obviously wanted me to switch gyms. The only thing that was stopping me was they do not have any locations in Tampa. I kept talking to them through the week and they kept adding on free training to try and bribe me :) I do negotiate for a living and now it is paying off at the gym!! Well, I looked into my gym membership and this is what I did...

Freeze Lifestyles $12.00 mth
Join LA Fitness $29.99 mth
Total gym fee $41.99 mth

This is SAVING me money!! My lifestyles member ship is $48 a month. Oh and by the way - these wonderful guys hooked me up with the "Friends and Family Rate" otherwise it would be $39.99 month. So THEN we talked about the personal training. I ended up buying 4 sessions.... BUT they threw in 16 free sessions!! And on top of that, 3 more to cover the enrollment fee!! So now, I have 20 free sessions + the 4 I bought. There is no cancellation fees for LA Fitness, so if I want to go back to Lifestyles I can do that anytime. This is going to work out perfectly while I am not running.

Penny is going to get toned!! This injury thing may not be so bad after all!!! I love new things and changes, and this is making me really excited right now.


  1. Love the new look of your blog! 16 free sessions?! That is crazy! PT is so expensive at my gym.

  2. That is an insane amount of personal training, you are going to be scary buff! I pay $40 a month for my gym membership with no pool, so I think you definitely got a good deal, especially since it includes a pool!

    And please tell about said promotion?!?!? What deparment are you in now?

  3. What a fun post! I miss you. I feel like I haven't seen you in years!! I think you just got the hook up with the gym! Holy Cow!! Can we celebrate the job promotion soon? David said drinks on him!! :) I've had a crazy week, too!! Let's chat soon!