Friday, February 18, 2011

The verdict is in

And it is a stress fracture!!!

I have been trying to digest this in a positive way and it is working. When the doctor called me yesterday it seemed sureal. I didn't believe what I was hearing, and I actually laughed yet had tears in my eyes. Now, I knew my foot did not feel right. Especially when I could feel the throbbing when I was laying in bed. Never, did I really think it was a stress fractture!!! He gave me a boot and basically said if I want to run again, I will wear it. I was extremely stubborn and hard headed yesterday and refused to wear it. So, starting today DAS BOOT will be worn. It will become a part of me. The girls at work even said they would bedazzle it with jewels and bows!!!

I have already looked into a swim plan from It's going to be tough getting up in the mornings when it's still chilly. But there are some pools that are heated in my area so, I will just have to get over the initial shock. When I was in middle school I was actually a pretty good swimmer and always came in first and second place during the meets. I'm anxious to see how I will do now!! Maybe this is a way for me to start my triathlon adventure that I have been thhinking about lately!! I have actually gone and looked at bikes, so maybe that will also happen now. I'm going to take this time to explore new things and have fun with it.

Todd, one of my great running friends, has also said I can start weight training with him. He was actually pretty excited about it. A few weeks back when I wasn't feeling great on a long tempo run I told him he was not allowed to make me laugh when we had to hit the paces because it was taking the breath out of me... Since then he has always been cautious about his stories because he doesnt want me to "laugh"... His comment yesterday was something along the lines of "this is going to be fun... We aren't running so I can make you laugh the entire time,," and for those of us that now Todd, this means some very crazy stories and some fun times. I am super excited about this new workout time with him!!!

As much as this is killing me, I think I am going to be ok. I really don't understand how something can be taken away from you that you love so much. I know it sounds silly to some, that I am talking about running like this, but running really helps me in so many ways. Mentally, physically and emotionally. I went through some very hard times And running was what kept me afloat. They say self help is best, and it truly is. When I was feeling down or feeling like it was the end of the world, going for a run would make things better. It's time for me to have alone time and to think clearly. Then the happy endorphins start flowing and life seems wonderful. People can usually tell 95% of the time if I have gone running in a day, just by the way I act... And usually they would prefer that I had!! I have a coworker that has suggested I leave work... Go for a run... And then come back!!! Unless you are a runner you may not understand this, but if you are a runner you know the feeling!!!


  1. I think you have gained amazing clarity on this so quickly. I think your mentality is great, it sucks to not be able to run, but it is great that you are thinking about what you can do rather than what you can't.

    These 3 months will fly by and then you will be back out there again. See you in a few hours!! XO

  2. I want to go swimming, too!!! And, weight training! Use this as an opportunity to become a better athlete in different areas, then when you are able to run again, you'll be much stronger and faster than before!! :)

  3. Ughh injuries are the worst...I'm sorry : ( Get better soon!

  4. I AM SO SO SORRY!! THis breaks my heart. Girl, I want to give you a big hug. You can get through this and you have a great attitude about it. Yay for weight training buddy that is awesome!! GOOD LUCK GORGEOUS GIRL!