Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Running on Fumes

The week caught up with me this morning on the track. I woke up thinking it was going to be another speedy day for me, but I was quickly corrected...

I did my .75 warm up and realized that I was still really sore from Monday and also was feeling fatigued, which I think could be from my poor diet at dinner - I had noodles with parmigiana and spinach - no protein.

The workout  (group 5b)

1200 - 400 - 400 - 400 - 400 - 1200 - 400 - 400

5:03 - 99 - 98 - 97 - 96 - 5:03 - 97 - 96

My group today consisted of a new guy and a guy that is speedy but was put in a slower group because he is racing this weekend and didn't need to waste all of his energy. Little did I know this was recipe for a disaster!

We started out and I was the only one wearing a watch, but the newbie started next to me and took off. I knew we needed to hit the 200 mark at 50 minutes in order to be on pace... well we hit that mark at 46 minutes, so when we came through the first lap - we were told we were going too fast... so then I started to back off a little. Then we hit the 2nd lap a little too slow and I had to try and catch up to the pace. Newbie took off and speedy stayed behind me. Well we hit the 1200 at 5:06 - I blame this on poor pacing.

The next 400's were a little off as well. 98 - 97 - 96 - 98 (I would have been happy with 95 as the last 400 to keep the trend)

I was determined to hit the 1200 and the remaining 400's spot on, so I ignored the guys and did my own thing 5:03 - 96 -95


5:06 - 98 - 97 - 96 - 98 - 5:03 - 96 - 95

On the ride home I was beating myself up for not doing the optional mile, so when I got to the house I ran 2 miles - 8:34 and 8:18 pace.... don't ask why, I just felt like I needed to make up for the fact that I didn't push myself more. Retarded, I know.

Tomorrow is my other easy run day - With the way I felt today - I could be in for trouble!

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