Sunday, June 24, 2012

Running through a rest day

Instead of going to 1441 on Friday morning I decided to go running. The plan was 4-5 miles and not to worry with the paces because Friday is technically supposed to be a rest day and I was running a 5k on Saturday.

I had my usual coffee and half a cliff bar then headed to my starting place. The weather was already really humid and I was beginning to think a real rest day sounded better than running!

Besides the humidity the run ended up being really nice. I stopped once at mile 3 and finished feeling strong.

8:40 8:20 8:15 8:11 7:56
8:16 avg pace

On the way home I started getting worried about the 5k that I was going to run the next morning. I had already run 30 miles for the week and my last rest day was over a week ago!

Then I reminded myself that I was doing it to test myself, not break records... Yet :)

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