Saturday, October 20, 2012

T-2 Weeks!!

Last night I stuck to my usual routine - make spaghetti, have some wine, read and go to bed....

I started the Friday off as I have been for a few weeks -

Wake up at 4:15 am
leave house at 4:45am
run 5 miles to 1441

I had the worst nights sleep the night before, so I started the day off pretty tired. I figured that would lead to me having a GREAT night sleep last night - wrooong!

I stuffed my face and then tried to go to bed around 10pm - I fell right to sleep, but then woke up and tossed and turn <-- this seems to be the norm lately and it is driving me crazy. I always feel wired and  can't sleep!!! I need this FIXED!

I had the strangest feeling about the run. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was going to be a peice of cake - shorter than usual - maybe I could start later? Then I would think, no run it at the normal times. I also couldn't decide on what route I wanted to take.

Anyways- the alarm went off at 4:15 am. I was tired, like no energy tired. No excictemen for the run, felt extremely fat and bloated and really just plain down for some reason.

I got my coffee got dressed and just really felt lazy. I didn't even start running until 5:30! That means I fiddled around for over an hour - that is how unmotivated I was!!

Well, I started out and it wasn't feeling good. I even had thoughts of stopping at the first mile and trying again on Sunday -- but then I kept going... the paces started coming together - but I didn't really feel 100% - it was very strange.

The plan was 6 easy 4 at 7:30 4 at 7:20

My first stop was at mile 6 for water. Then I took off. Then stopped at mile 10 and that was it...





I honestly can not believe I made the paces. I didn't feel 100% - and it wasn't that it was hard, my body just felt sickly - almost like I had nothing... I don't get it because I was 3 pounds heavier this morning...?

Anyways - 2 weeks left!!!

15 Miles at 7:35 average pace

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