Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Track Attack!

Track was pretty shocking this morning!

It was raining when I woke up – again, put I prayed that it would let up. I DO NOT want to miss a single workout, rain or shine I was going to show up. But, it stopped J

The workout was: 400-1200-1200-1200-400-400

He put me in group 4b with Sarah. I secretly have been wanting to get into a faster group than her for a very long time. I don’t know why, but I KNOW I am faster than her and it kills me that I am still with her.

When we lined up for the first 400 she got in front (which also secretly drives me NUTS). We came in at 1:32 (Goal was 1:36)

She immediately said something like “Did you hear him??!” It was said in a way that she thought it was too fast, my thought was – we could have gone faster. I didn’t respond to her.

When we lined up for the 1200 I made sure I was in front, because I KNEW I could go faster than the goal (I think the goal was 4:48)

Well, we came in at 4:41! I was happy and ready to rock the next one, which needed to be faster than the first.

Sarah came to me and said, ok why don’t we just try to maintain that – I thought, um, no I am going to crush that time… so I had to ignore her again, because I didn’t know what to say in a nice way.

Well, LUCKILY for me Dror told us to go to group 4!!! I was SO excited!!! I had no idea what they ran their first 1200 in, but I was ready for the challenge. I got myself right behind Dennis and made sure I kept up…

Kept up I did!!! 4:30!!!

Then the next one was supposed to match the first, but since we moved up a group… 4:35! I even felt like I could go faster, but I stayed behind Dennis.

When we went for the next 400, I made the mistake of getting behind the guys again – they weren’t going as fast as I wanted and we came in at 1:23

Once Dror called us up for the last 400 I raced up and TOOK OFF! Dennis was right behind me the whole time, and my goal was to NOT let him pass me. He came right next to me on the final 100 and we crossed together in 78!! Talk about some SPEED!

Then I went for the Optional Mile, without hesitation. I didn’t care if it was bad, it was about pushing my body when it was tired. Oddly it didn’t suck as bad as I thought it was going to… but it was challenging!!


I can honestly say, that today I pushed myself and it felt GREAT!








Optional Mile… 6:24

Then I went to 1441 for some strength and conditioning.

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