Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weather + Fatigue

After the complete exhaustion I went through yesterday, I immediately went home after work and CRASHED. I was in bed by 8:15 – tried to read, but got through 2 pages and turned out the light.

I haven’t not been sleeping very well lately due to the excitement in my life with the way my running has been going (it doesn’t take much to interrupt my sleep!). I recently read that Tart Cherry Concentrate helps with sleeping, so I ran out and bought some. I think it is working, because each night I have had some I sleep soundly!

I didn’t really have a “plan” for this mornings run, I wanted to do 8-10 miles and wanted to feel good and push myself.

As I was getting ready I started hearing RAIN! I kind of panicked/got sad that I wasn’t going to do my run… but then it stopped and I was better.

Right away on the run I realized my body was tired and a little sore. Starting out my paces were about 7:5X … so I planned to keep it that way and try to pick it up after mile 2. Well with the rain earlier, the weather was still nasty. The humidity was bad and the wind was starting to pick up. The water from the bay was even splashing on to Bayshore! So I settled with maintaining my pace and going 9 miles.

With the rain pushing against me, the humidity at 90%, temps in the 80’s and my body feeling tired I was kind of happy with my 9 miles at 7:56 pace – last mile at 7:45 – only one stop!

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