Thursday, October 18, 2012


First of all..  I LOVE every second, thought, person, thing, day and anything else involved in running.... it depresses me to no end when I don't have a day with it - it is me, it is part of me, it will always be and NEEDS to be - I need running to be me and if I don't have it I basically fall apart into a person I don't know nor want to be - I crumble.

There are days I wonder WHY I am this way - what drives me to continue to wake up int the 4:xx time zone on a week day - a 3:xx on a Saturday? What possesses me to put this first in my life above everyhing else? Is it getting me anywhere? Is it helping me in my life succeed at anything but personal growth?

It actually secludes me. I don't like talking about it to many people - yet I love to obsess about it with myself daily.

Why am I the way I am about running? WHY?

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