Monday, January 5, 2015

6 Week Checkup & a Cold

Just when I didn’t think it could get much worse, it did. This cold has taken over. Jr was wide awake around 6:15am - Justin had just gotten back from the gym, so I walked out into the kitchen where he proceeded to tell me how awful I looked. Thanks.

I took him back into the room, fed him and went back to bed. When we woke back up I took a swig of DayQuil and got some oatmeal. I had my postpartum checkup at 11:45 but I wanted to do some sort of sweating to try and rid my body of this nastiness. I jumped on my bike for 30 minutes of intervals. It felt good to do it, Jr slept in the stroller next to me. It is the perfect set up. He is at arms reach if he starts screaming or getting fussy.

I didn’t time the workout that well, because when I got off, I had 20 minutes to be out the door…. and of course, Jr decided to have a melt down. So there I was, soaking wet of sweat, holding him while he screamed, needing to take a shower and needing to get him ready with only 20 minutes… Super Woman had to break out her cape and get to work.

Rock n Play goes into bathroom, Baby lays down, Mommy jumps in to rinse sweat off, baby back in arms, mommy in rocking char, baby gets fed, mommy gets dressed, baby gets dressed and diaper changed, mommy grabs water and a snack, baby goes into car seat, mommy flies out the door with baby into car… and off they go. Yes it happened, I was only 5 minutes late - but hey, we got there and we were dressed (now I am not going to mention the part where my hair was soaking from sweat and i didn’t have any makeup on, and I was coughing and sniffling like crazy…. but I am only 7 weeks postpartum, so its excusable still :))

checkup went great. He said I was healing perfectly and my uterus was back to its normal size and where it is supposed to be. I have no restrictions.

When we got back home I changed back into my pjs and hoped back into bed. We fell asleep and were awoken to Justin being home! he came home early to take care of us.

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