Sunday, January 18, 2015

Love my Mornings

Really slacking here... so going to try and do a catch up.

Thursday- OFF! first day off in over a week. Justin was going to be taking Friday off and then the weekend would be here, so I figured I should take a day off during the week so I could run on Friday and Saturday when he was at home.

Friday- Jr woke up around 5:45 so I decided to just feed him and hit the road. I was out on the road by 6:30am - I told Justin my plan was to do at LEAST 6 - but I really wanted to go further. The temp was in the mid 20's I felt good with what I was wearing, but I did feel a little worn down. Probably from the lack of sleep. I hit my 3 mile mark, and told myself to just make it to 3.5 and I could turn around. I knew I needed a break to catch my breath and stretch my legs, but I wanted to make it past the 1/2 way point... I made it to mile 4.5 and took a breather. It felt so good. I was doing good on pace, but my body was just winded and tired. The route home is a climb up the entire way. I think I stopped one more time. All in all it was a good run, 8:18 pace for 7 miles.

My "schedule" I made had me going 10 miles. Well, with going 7 on Friday I didn't have high hopes for making it the entire 10 --- but of course I was going to try :)

Saturday- Jr woke up about the same time, so I was hitting the road at the same time. It was much colder this morning. I had to wear an extra fleece and my heavier gloves! My body was really cold and my legs didn't want to move since they felt frozen, but I felt good otherwise. Snow still on the ground, dodging patches of ice on the sidewalk, lake frozen over .... all so new to me! The route I take on the way out is pretty much down hill, then I reach a lake that has a relatively flat path that is 2 miles around... I do the entire lake path, then turn around... so it is a good 4 miles of "flat" (I say flat, but there are rolling inclines along the way, nothing in MD is flat unless you are on a track). I made it to 6 miles and took a much needed break.

I am still feeling the C-secion incision when running, but when I stop and stretch around for a little bit, it goes away. I am also feeling tight in the groin region - but again, when I take the break to stretch it is fine. After I got my body back in shape I was off again! The way back is a constant climb up hill... and it hurts, especially when you are going into the wind on a very cold morning. By mile 8 I couldn't feel my face, I was actually debating calling Justin. My lips weren't moving, my fingers were numb, nose running - everything was really uncomfortable. My body just stopped when I hit 8 miles. I had to shake it off, rub my face, pull my shirt over my hands and mentally get ready for the last 2 miles.... and that I did! 10 miles DONE.

I was so happy I did it, my first week of Boston training was a success and now I have hope that I will actually get it done.

Got home, thawed out a little bit, fed Jr, and made breakfast.

The completion of a long Saturday run puts me in such a great mood. Being up that early, seeing the sun come up - it is my time. My favorite time of day. My family is still sleeping, it is just me and the morning.

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  1. Took me a lot longer to recover from my c-section.... Be happy with how well you ate doing!