Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hot Yoga!

Justin and Jr have been sick for the past week and I figured it was inevitable that I would eventually get it. Well, I woke up today and it hit me. I have the gosh awful cold. It is in my lungs, my throat my head, my nose and my body. I don’t usually get sick, so I was determined to resume with my regular activities.

Since I am breast feeding, it is a little more challenging to just throw back any medication. After reading many websites I felt comfortable taking a small swig of DayQuil (Not a lot, just a little). They say you should take medication for specific illnesses - not to take multi symptom drugs. DayQuil is a multi symptom, but it doesn’t have antihistamine in it - which is known to dry up your milk. A small dose wasn’t going to effect anything, and I needed something to keep me alive - that’s how bad I was feeling.

I have been wanting to do Hot Yoga for a few weeks now. After having Jr my body felt tight and out of place in many parts. Then when I started running again it was getting worse. On top of all of that, I went 0 to 100 on my return to running and my achilles tendon was really hurting … so, I knew I needed to do it and not put it off another day. That Cold was not standing in my way today either!

I signed up for unlimited Yoga at Charm City Yoga for 30 days for only $25. So today, I was going to attend the Beginners Hot Vinyasa. The plan was feed Jr, leave him with Justin for a nap and then when I got home I would have time to shower and feed him. The timing was perfect. I haven’t left him for any long period of time yet, so this was going to be the longest period — a little over 2 hours… I felt nervous and like a bad mom for doing it - but, I guess I need to get used to it fast since my return to work is right around the corner!!

The Yoga was amazing. It was just what I needed. Stretching my body out and sweating every ounce of toxin was long over due. As for the cold… I took the dayquil right before I left the house, and it was working at first… until downward dog. All of a sudden everything rushed to my head and I was having a cough attack in the middle of 50 other people… I am sure they hated me and wanted me to leave, but I stayed, continued to cough and sniffle my way through 1.5 hours of bliss.

I raced home afterwards and just as I flung open the door, I saw Justin warming a bottle and Jr crying. That is not what I wanted. I am not ready for him to be a bottle baby. I only have 2.5 more weeks to feed him and I want every moment of that. Luckily I was able to stop it and take over.

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