Saturday, January 18, 2014

16 Miles!

The plan on Thursday was to do 4 easy miles with Justin in the morning because I was going to do my Long Run on Friday morning. We woke up, J growled and complained for about 15 minutes and then we were off...

Well that lasted about 5 steps, it was too cold for J, so he immediately ran back to bed!

I continued on. I was feeling light and speedy so my easy 4 miles turned into 5 faster miles...

After finishing I kind of regreted not forcing myself to go easy as planned, because I wanted to make sure I got my 16 in the next day.

Well, later that day a co-worker asked me to join her for a Spin Class after work. I didn't want to decline because she has been busting her ass to get in shape, but was intimated by going to a spin class solo for the first time.... so there I was less than 12 hours before my long run, sweating it out on a spin bike!!

I got home around 9, ate some noodles, ground turkey and veggies to carb up for the next morning.


I set my alarm for 5am so I could be hitting the pavement by 5:30. The plan was to do 12 miles, come home, get J and head back out for 4 miles....

Well, the leprachauns took over my alarm and it never went off!! J's went off and I panicked!!! My whole plan was thrown off.

It was going to be daylight the entire run <--- I prefer running in the dark

My planned out course was now null n void. <--- finding an 8 mile out and back route around here, that isn't boring, is difficult.

This was going to be a mentally tough long run!!

Game time decision... head to Gulf Port and go from there.

I ended up hitting Gulf Port and reaching 5 miles then headed back home. I have been wanting to explore this little town for a while now. It is very artsy and cool, right on the water. Since it was daylight I decided what a perfect opportunity!!

It was perfect!! After my tour, I decided I would go to the house, get water and GU and head out for the last 6.

I felt really good, my pace was fast! I was really shocked that everything went so well.

After I made the stop at home, I headed out 3 miles to the beach and made my final 3 back home.

For the amount of miles and work on my legs for the week, I was super happy with the run!!

After the run, I had my awesome protein recovery shake, some almonds and a hot shower. 

Then I went to the Salon and got my hair did... got a little more blonde!!

When J got home, I wanted to share my Gulf Port experience with him so we went and bar hopped. It was awesome. I seriously think this is my new favorite spot! So artsy and pretty. I had so much fun!!!

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  1. That looks like such a cute place!! Great running. Have you noticed what makes your running faster and a "better" run? Certain foods? Sleep? Mood? Weather?