Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feelin' Strong!

I don't know where the time has gone, but somehow it is already Wednesday night and I haven't blogged since Friday!!!
Quick recap...

Saturday: Traveled for work then came home and hit the gym

Sunday: Headed to Gainesville for a few hours then hit the gym

Monday: 8 Miles @ 8:12 avg --> was blessed with J's presence for 2 miles. Felt GREAT!!

Tuesday: 7 Miles @ 8:09 avg --> no stops, fast, felt great!!! Very dewy out, my eyelashes were dripping!!

Also ran in my new shoes!!! After almost 2 hours of trying on shoes, I walked out with an empty bank account but 2 pairs of amazing running shoes... I'm ok with that trade off... I'll talk about the shoes in another post.

Wednesday: Track Attack!!!

400-800-1200-1200-800-400 Mile

Felt Fast! Felt Great!! Was told by multiple people that I was lookin fit <--- such a confidence booster, proves that whatever I am doing is PAYING OFF!!!

After work J and I hit the gym for some SWOLE time!!!

5x4 Ball Slams
50/50 Inverted Rows
20 lb Alternating Overhead DB Presses
2x20 Lat Raises
3 x 3/3/3 Pull Ups 
20-15-10-5 Scarecrows/Face pulls

(at the end of this workout J told me he saw veins poppin out my shoulders! <-- shits gettin REAL)

Have I mentioned how dreadful the gym is in January?? It is so crowded with people that have no clue what is going on. Now, I give HUGE props to all that want to make a lifestyle change and start working out, but I don't give props to the people that come in wearing Beats, texting on their cell phone, leaning on equipment, staring around and just being there so they can check in on Facebook... seriously people, when you walk in the door be ready to pump those muscles up and do some WORK!

I will elaborate in another post, but it's late and this chicka needs to get to bed to catch some recovery zzzz's!!!!

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