Friday, January 10, 2014

Excuse Me, Can I Borrow Your Weight?

Traveling with work throws my entire week off. I went to Dallas for one day, but I felt like I was gone for a week! Here is the week in a nutshell...


We had a cold front come in and when I hit the road running the temperature was 39* - but with the 17 MPH winds it made it feel like it was 30* <--- that is cold for this Florida Girl! I had to wear my capri's, combat jacket, gloves and head band!! The wind was brutal, but I was going 7 miles. I chose the route that would take me directly into the wind on the way out so I would have the wind at my back coming home.

Starting out I was a little weary on how I was going to feel after Monday's disastrous 8 miles. I ended up pretty happy with the run. I felt strong, my stride was feeling right and I breezed through it. For an easy run, my paces were where I wanted them to be.... (Mile 6 was heading straight into the wind, with a bridge, as I turned off the beach, hence the 8:26 pace)


Then I was off to Dallas for a day!


I was staying in a Hotel that wasn't exactly on a safe side of town, so I was subjected to the dreadmill... I don't do well on these things. By the time I hit mile 1 I want to jump off and be done for the day. I ended up getting in 5 miles. I picked up the last 2 to keep things interesting. Mile 3 I upped the speed every .25 mile then Mile 4 I upped it every .10 mile, so I ended at a pretty decent pace. I am pretty sure I was the only person on the row of treadmills that was breaking a sweat and going fast. It is alway a weird feeling when you catch people staring at you then looking at your computer screen... trying to see what I am doing... (they are probably waiting anxiously for me to get off the mill because my sweat is flying everywhere!!!)

After the 5 miles I played around in the weight room.  I started out with some pulls and ab work then decided to do some rows with dumbbells... well, the weight I wanted was missing so I searched around the gym.. I finally found them next to this guy, he wasn't using them, so I said "Excuse me, are you using these?" this is the second time this week I have asked a guy at the gym for their weights... and this was the second time I got this blank look. They just stare, so I say "I promise I will be quick" and they both ended up saying yes.... it's a very awkward moment... like they think it's weird that a Girl is lifting as much as them?? Paleease... if they said No, I would just move up a weight and do my exercise right next to them!! <--- Boys are Dumb.


I got in pretty late the night before, so I slept in a little (it's so sad that my sleep in is 6am....). I wanted today to be an "off" day because I needed to do my Long Run on Friday since I have to fly on Saturday morning. Well as I said in a previous post, even on my off days I want to run 3 miles. Even if they are slow and painful, I just want 3 miles on the books.

I think my body was uber excited to be running outside and not on the gosh forsaken dreadmill. My 3 miles ended up faster than planned. Last mile being 7:40... and body felt great. I could have run a lot further.

No weights for today, need my body to be fresh for Friday!!

Dinner was white rice with a ground beef, cabbage and tomato concoction.


Alarm went off at 4:40am. My plan was to be out the door by 5:15.

Since I was going 15 miles alone I had to be prepared with my fluids. I picked up some BCAA powder mix earlier this week and was told I should be sipping this on runs/workouts to help keep electrolytes and endurance in check and to help with recovery. I have a hand held water bottle that slips perfectly into the back of my sportsbra, so I mixed some into my water and took it with me.

I made the usual coffee and toast... but for some reason this morning I wasn't feeling the coffee.. so just toast and water and I was off!

Starting out I felt pretty bloated and kind of heavy. Energy was there, but for some reason I felt some lingering fatigue. I kept my mind strong, changed the tunes and kept thinking of the turn around point at 7.65 ... once I got out on to Gulf I start feeling good. I kept playing a mental game... ok, at mile 4 you can stop for a second... but then I got to 3.5 and said, no at Mile 5 you can stop... then I approached 5 and said nope... mile 6... then when I got there I said, well you made it this far, just get to the turn around retard!

First stop at 7.65. I tried to have some GU, but wasn't feeling it. Threw it out. Then I was off and heading home.

I started to get really thirsty on the way back. The BCAA mix was making my mouth thick and I needed pure water. I knew there was a public beach access around mile 11 that would have a water fountain... so I kept my mind on that and muscled through it. When I finally reached it, the water was AMAZING. It was cold and made me feel so good. It was so humid on the run, I was drenched and slopping sweat everywhere. That cool water felt so good on my face and in my mouth. It was exactly what I needed to finish strong. <-- and that is exactly what I did.

The next stop was my door step. I was so excited about finishing this run feeling the way I did. A few weeks ago I ran this course with J riding his bike beside me and it was a literal shit show. I showed that course who I was this morning!!

When I got home I immediately had my recovery shake! <-- this is SO important for proper recovery!!

After work J and hit the gym for some SWOLL time!

5x4 Med Ball Slams
5x5 T-Bar Rows w/ 55lbs
3x8 1 Arm Row w/ 35-40-35 lbs
2x8 Curl n Press w/ 25 lbs
40/40 Inverted Rows
2x20 scarecrows
2x20 facepulls

Then it was PIZZA night!!!!

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