Monday, January 6, 2014


I am not talking about the head pounding, can't see straight, hands trembling hangover. I'm talking about a workout hangover...

I mentioned yesterday that my body was going to be feeling those leg presses and jump squats... little did I know how bad it was going to be!

I got up bright and early ready to roll. The legs were creakin' and not wanting to move, but I was going to make them whether they wanted to or not.

Coffee + Toast + the Stick on the legs = Game Time

When I got outside I realized I was in for some nasty weather. It was foggy, misty and 100% humidity. I decided yesterday that I wanted to try a new route. I typically head left out of our neighbor hood and run along the beach, but I wanted to run down to Gulfport and hit the water that way. I didn't know how far it was going to be but I was getting there.

As I was getting settled into the run I knew it was going to be difficult. I didn't care if I stopped, I just wanted the miles. This is also called "junk miles" ...

First stop was mile 2. Needed to stretch the legs and keep moving. When I got to the point where I was going to head right to get to Gulfport I was at at 3.3... I wasn't stopping till I got to the water. I finally hit the water at 4.14 - it was a park directly on the water! I stopped and stretched the legs and realized how fatigued and dehydrated I was. I was going to find a water fountain... all parks have water fountains, right??!! Well, just a quick walk towards the complex and it was like finding a gold mine! A water fountain!!!

Then I was on my way back. 2 stops later I was finally home. Soaking wet, 8 miles done and sore as heck

After work J and I went to face all the madness.. aka the gym on the first Monday of the new year for International Chest day.

15 Ball Drops
5 x 5 DB Bench Press w/ 30lb DB
4 x 10 DB Skull Crushers 2 w/ 20lb 2 w/15lb
3x8 Lateral Pushups
2x6 Cross Over Pushups
50 Dips-30 hand release Pushups

Definitely left the gym feelin' SWOLLZ

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