Saturday, January 4, 2014

This is my Come Back post...

I haven't been keeping up with this, so here it is. My goal for 2014 is to BLOG!

Just a quick update...

I am registered for Boston in April
I am registered for the Donna 1/2 Marathon in February
I am currently trying to join the Miami-Key West Ragnar Relay at the beginning of February

I have been struggling with running for the past 6 months that I moved to the Beach. I don't know what it is but this is what I think it is:

The Routes aren't my favorite, not motivating
The Heat, Humidity and WIND are outrageous
I have put on some boyfriend pounds... currently they are melting away

So, here is what I am doing to get around those 3.

Routes: Changing them up. Taking random turns to explore different routes. It seems to be working!
Weather: Suck it up buttercup.. it is what it is and I can't control it.... so I am just dealing with it.
Boyfriend Pounds: Justin and I have been working it in the gym 4-5 times a week on top of my running! My strength is totally shining through. Pull Ups are my Biaaaaatch!!! I have really been watching what I eat... filling up on my long lost salads I love SO much and not eating everything he eats (AKA CHOCOLATE 24/7... Nachos... Wings...) (( ok truth: I have a sweet tooth and a crazy addiction to ice cream.... ))

I am slowly starting to see a difference with the changes I've been making. I am sure most of it is mental, but I know some of it is physical. Getting a Boyfriend is great n all, but you have to find balance... you can't lose yourself in the process of losing yourself in him ;)

So here goes nothing... its Running With Penny's relaunch!!

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  1. great job on the relaunch!! i like the thoughts. i'll trade you your beach runs for my altitute