Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Shredded Saturday

I started the weekend off with a 12 Mile Run on Saturday Morning.

Long Runs have always been my favorite training day in the past, but as of lately I have been scared of them because I don't know how they are going to go.

Originally I was thinking I was going to do 16. When the alarm went off I was exhausted and sleeping in felt like a MUCH better idea. I didn't let those thoughts overtake my drive for getting faster - I got up and did my usual.

Toast with Peanut butter

And I was off!

I decided I was going to head to the monster bridge, cross it and see how I was feeling to decide how far I was going to go. Surprisingly I felt great! I hit the bridge, got over it (it is seriously a monster, its long and HIGH). When I hit mile 6, I was out of sidewalk and didn't know where I was going to go - so I turned around. I figured I would head back and add on if I wanted to do more than 12.

I took my first GU and first stop at mile 7 - which was at the base of the bridge on the way back.

The way back I was feeling strong and felt so happy. As I got closer to home, I decided I was going to finish the run feeling strong and only do 12. Anything further than that I knew my body was going to start getting tired and it would be forced. I want to be smart with training, not dumb.

Once I got home I had my recovery protein drink and a shower.

now later on in the day...

J and I hit the gym for an intense 20 minute work out...

8 Pull Ups
8 Box Jumps
12 Kettle ball Swings (I used 25lb dumbbells)

As many reps as possible.

This kicked our buttays. I originally thought the Pulls were going to be the worse part, but the box jumps were outta control.

We ended up doing 13 rounds. We were covered in SWEAT.

Afterwards we hit up Home Depot where I officially sent J over the edge...  little does he know, once this project is complete he will be oh so impressed!

The rest of the evening was spent watching the Eagles with a brewski in hand (actually a white wine spritzer for me :) )

Swoll Sunday

Woke up and had the usual Coffee then hit the road for an easy 3 miler. It wasn't exactly easy. Those kettle ball swings were haunting my legs for sure.

Even on my off days, I am trying to get in 3 miles. Just for shake out and recovery and most of all, over all sanity!

By 11am J and I were back in the gym!! Love gettin' my swoll on with him!

4x4 Wall Balls
3x3 Turkish Get Ups (25lb's)
5x5 Leg Press with 5 Jump Squats in between... (Leg Press had 423 Pounds!!)
10 x 1 Negative + 1 Pull ups
4 Farmers Walks (carrying 45lb plate weights in each hand)
--> these were supposed to be "rack" carries but that was a fail... I couldn't figure them out

Great workout... Love Pull ups and Love Leg days!!! <-- NOT a normal person :)

I am definitely going to be feeling that one tomorrow!!

Rest of the day will be spent grilling (or actually J will be grilling) lounging and foam rolling!!!


I can not stress enough the importance of foam rolling... if you are running, you better invest in a foam roller or prepare yourself for injuries....

Rollin those Quads
 ITB Band
 Ham Strings

 and that buttay

Seriously. GET A FOAM ROLLER!!! It hurts SO good... 


  1. i have used foam rollers before but are they mainly to prevent injury because of muscle tightness?? also, what is gu? when you say first stop what do you do when you stop?

  2. Yes, your muscles get knots in them and it alleviates all the tightness. A lot of people suffer from IT Band issues and puts them out of running for a long time - foam rolling prevents it.

    GU is this gooey energy that has vitamins and carbs to help fuel. Google the word GU

    I stop to just stretch my legs for a second and that's it. The stops are less than a minute. Just to collect myself and go. When it is hot, Ill stop for water a couple times.

  3. good to know!! i bought some rehydrate gels so i'm wondering if those are similiar?